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Catching up with Supermarket Promotions

So what's happening among supermarket promotions? All the latest news here.

After the Bumper Monthly issue last Thursday, we are back to normal sized content today with the regular look at the current promotions in most supermarkets.

The usual charts appear below including the “Worth Exploring” segment pointing you towards things I consider especially interesting.

It directs attention to wines at noteworthy prices or where my experience with previous vintages has created a positive impression.

To be clear, those are “steers” not specific recommendations since time has not always allowed me to sample every current version.

Monday is the day for recommendations.      

Hyperlinks and pictures, where possible, are provided to make it easier to find the wine in a crowded display or on a sizeable website.

Starting with the new promotions

Three of the High Street giants have new sets of deals to tempt you into Easter purchases.

The Tesco one (which, again, is only for Clubcard holders) has been going for over a week now and fuller details can be found on the retailer’s website.

Promotions at Sainsbury’s and Morrisons, however, only started 24 hours ago.

Sainsbury’s have reductions on almost 40 of their premium own label “Taste the Difference” wines with prices that now start at £6.

Hearing, incidentally, that Tesco have just started a “25% off when you buy 6” promotion for Clubcard holders but do check the details.

Morrisons has a similar number of deals on premium own label wines (The Best) and supplements them with a series of multi-buys that apply where alcohol laws in that location permit.

In addition, as well as normal price reductions and four new “Found” wines, M&S have discounts on a number of beers (a product range where they are especially strong) and I have included a couple in the “Worth Exploring” list that I especially enjoyed.

On going promotions

The Waitrose promotion has almost two more weeks to run but one of the Worth Exploring items has won a ringing endorsement from MidWeeker (and, now, Talent Scout) Matthew.

He enjoyed the Ara Single Vineyard Pinot Gris (down £3 to £7.99) which, despite being “a bit sweeter than he would usually pick”, proved to have “crisp honey notes” that will be “delightful on a summer evening” – and he has already been back for more bottles.

For fuller details of the promotion, head to the retailer’s website.

Meanwhile, over at Asda – and as forecast here last week – Asda are running a “buy 6; save 25%” promotion. It lasts until 18 April and applies to all wines priced at £4.75 and upwards. Provided you buy at least six bottles, all of them (7,8,9 etc) qualify for the reduction. As ever, though, different rules about multi-buys apply in Scotland and Wales.

Fuller details appear on the retailer’s website.

So that’s the promotions scene in the run up to Easter and I hope you and yours have a good time during what I always think of as “the gateway to summer”.

Do, please, drop by again on Monday when I reveal the latest Top Tips – inexpensive options for Easter family gatherings – while next Thursday sees an update on the supermarket promotions then in place.

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10 Responses

  1. Hi Brian,
    I don’t suppose I’m alone in this but a couple of hours after your post an Easter Waitrose Offer on 10 ‘Fine’ Wines at a tenner each popped into my inbox, much like their Christmas offerings, some definitely worth a look.
    Liked the extended article last week, maybe I’m in the minority but I actually do like to learn more about the wines as much as get value for money and of course a bargain.
    Can’t understand why everyone doesn’t get a Tesco membership card, but hey.
    Some decent savings, not just wines, to be had in these times of rising prices on everything and no – I don’t have a vested interest.
    Thanks for keeping us in the know, as usual!
    KR Alan

  2. Some good deals to be had at Tesco with 25% off wines already reduced. For example, Kanonkop Kadette is down from £11 to £8 and the 25% takes it to £6.

  3. Yes – that is a sizeable discount. M&S confirm that the reduction applies both online and instore until 18 April. Thanks for pointing that one out as I had missed it.

  4. As you say Carl, an absolute steal at £6. These 25% off deals are not just an opportunity to stock up with everyday wines but also a chance to buy a more expensive wine at a more affordable price.

  5. Thanks for keeping everyone in the picture as that Easter Waitrose offer could easily have slipped under the radar. I appreciate, too, your feedback about longer articles. At the moment, they are expected to stay as a monthly feature since they often attract a lower “open” rate than, for example, Top Tips but I do understand that quite a lot of loyal MidWeekers feel as you do and like to know “why to buy it” as well as “what to buy”.

  6. Wine Terrier….. ?
    Hi all & happy tippling,
    Return to home visit to Aldi brought two more must buys ….
    Aisle end last two bottles of Romanian 2020 Dealuri Rose reduced to just £2.99 ! Was very good at £5.99 so these two found our trolley immediately and again much re-enjoyed tonight 9 deg chilled & then paired with the Aldi Sea Bass !
    Still a few end of line, strong but smooth, Grand Alberone Zinfandel 15%abv 2020 @ £6.99 to be had – set aside to ‘chambre’ ( room temp) & I will aerate prior and then pair up with Sunday’s Lamb dinner. Much enjoyed so many times. Why pay more for decent wine. Thanks Brian !
    NB Regards to June from Sussex & Thursday evening’s 2 x Romanian Pinot Grig ,

  7. Welcome back Richard and many thanks for reporting on those wines – and great to hear from you. I am amazed that the Rosé is still going strong as it was almost exactly a year ago that I recommended it. I think it was even longer ago that I recommended the Zinfandel (in a previous vintage obviously) so I am glad that its successors are keeping up that high standard.

  8. Hi Dave …. Off the top:
    • Bouchard Aine & Fils Chardonnay (£7 from £8)
    • Elegant Frog Viognier (£7 from £8)
    • Taste the Difference Barrihuelo Rioja Blanc (£6.50 from £8)
    • Taste the Difference Portuguese Alvarinho (£6.75 from £7.50)
    • Taste the Difference Gruner Veltliner (£8 from £9)

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