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Preserving value as costs rise

With costs rising everywhere here are a couple of great value options that need not break the bank.

Cost of living issues currently top most agendas, and that often means the “ordinary” wine drinker has two options.

One is to stop drinking wine altogether – but for many people that could be an unnecessary deprivation and one that, beyond equivocation, I do not recommend.

The alternative is to try to optimise the “bang you get for your bucks” by following simple guidance about what is good value and drinking well at present – even if it is not a variety or brand you usually buy.

Providing those steers, is a key aim for MidWeek Wines so, if you are yet to do so, sign up for the Top Tips recommendations that regularly appear on Monday morning in your Inbox – and are absolutely free.

Here, then are today’s selections.

Pictures and hyperlinks are provided where possible to help guide you towards the specific wine being discussed.

A welcome return

I am so pleased to see this wine back at Aldi as it is an excellent example of how good whites from parts of France’s Loire estuary can be.

Hugely popular in the Nineties, Muscadet fell out of favour thereafter but modern winemaking and, to some extent, climate change is restoring it to the limelight.

Light and floral, 2020 Specially Selected Muscadet Sevre et Maine (£6.49 at Aldi) delivers soft apple, pear and green herb flavours enhanced by a gentle prickle of lemon acidity and a creamy (yet slightly saline) wrapping.

A new version with different labelling is expected to hit Aldi stores shortly.

Well priced Australian shiraz

Although the family wine operation started in South Australia 150 years ago by John Burge – an emigree from Wiltshire – is now in corporate hands, it is still producing tasty wines at (certainly in this case) affordable prices.

2020 Grant Burge Shiraz (£6.49 – instead of £9.49 until at least 19 April – at Waitrose) has a core of rich, ripe dark fruits (plums, blackcurrants and black cherry liqueur) with a little sweetness but nothing overly intrusive.

In support, its velvety texture effortlessly incorporates baking spice influences, well integrated tannins, modest acidity and concluding touches of smokiness.

Call back on Thursday for my regular review of what is going on in the world of supermarket promotions with more Top Tips to stimulate your taste buds following on next Monday.

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  1. Yes. Good to see – and it also runs through to 18 April – but, again, only applies to Clubcard holders

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