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Terrific Top Tip from Portugal

A tasty red that skilfully avoids the "inflationary times trap" (increased prices or reduced quality).

A very warm welcome to the latest Top Tips post which – as ever – pinpoints wines that I consider represent exceptional value for money.

In these (or any) inflationary times, finding reliable, well-made wine at modest prices becomes increasingly difficult for wine lovers with restricted budgets.

And the see-saw that comes with general inflation often means that where prices do not go up, quality frequently comes down.

So, as a helping hand through the increasingly challenging “wine aisle maze”, today’s post highlights a Portuguese red many MidWeekers will remember as providing stand-out quality for its price.

As one extra bit of assistance, hyperlinks and pictures are provided to ensure that you are buying the correct wine.

So, re-visit an old friend.

I have raved over this red from Portugal’s Lisboa region over several years so am delighted to be able to commend it once again since its consistent quality makes it a great value purchase – especially at less than £6.

Bright and bold with subtle hints of sweetness, Rabo de Gala Vinho Tinto (£5.95 at Iceland and The Food Warehouse) delivers medium bodied, yet intense, cherry blackcurrant and prune flavours complemented by good acidity, firm tannin and hints of clove and mace.

See you again on Thursday folks with the latest news on a range of supermarket promotions.

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