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Yet more great value wine at Lidl

Lidl promotions usually mean a wide ranging selection of good (and, sometimes, eye popping) value. It is hard to keep repeating that trick but this collection includes unusual fizz, a well priced sweetie and great prices on Chianti, Barbera and Navarra.

Another Lidl promotion hits the streets today but, with their frequency increasing and the main buyer promoted and moved to Germany, fingers crossed that the sensational value of earlier exercises will be maintained.

As ever, these wines are available while stocks last – and the most popular ones usually sell out very quickly.

Click on any of the bottles shown for an enlarged image to help you pinpoint the wine on a crowded display.

Typical of Languedoc and the value it offers

Lidl Jean Desvignes Saint-Guilhem-le DesertStarting with reds, we turn to a little known corner of Languedoc that shares a terroir and climate (but not price label) with the up-and-coming wine region of Pic Saint-Loup.

With the dusty, herbal and lavender touches so typical of the carignan grape, 2014 Saint-Guilhem-le-Desert (£5.49 and 12.5% abv) also gives us cherry and plum fruit that mingles agreeably with the wine’s edges of cinnamon and graphite, limited tannin but firm acidity.

A lesser know corner of a classic region

Lidl Vacqueyras 2014Moving north and east takes us to the Southern Rhone and, in particular, to an area between Gigondas and Chateauneuf du Pape with wallet friendly wines that – even if slightly more rustic –  stand comparison with those from its illustrious neighbours.

Certainly there is a great deal to savour and relish in the soft yet mellow 2014 Vacqueyras (£8.49 and 13.5%) with its plum and raspberry fruit and chocolate centred depth.

Now we head for a Tuscany giant

Lidl Chianti MontalbanoFrom two less well known names, let’s move to familiar ones – but from Italy – and start with one of Tuscany’s major stars.

Nicely integrated with firm acidity 2014 Chianti Montalbano Medici Riccardi (£6.49 and 13%) brings us that classic full, graphite centred depth but with pleasantly soft tannin and minty blackberry and raspberry fruit.

A quietly impressive neighbour

Lidl Barbera D'Asti SuperioreDespite its place under the shadow of the mighty nebbiolo in Barolo and Barbaresco, never underestimate the quality of Piedmont’s barbera grape and the impressive wine it often produces.

One of the best examples for the price, in my view, is the soft and balanced 2012 Barbera D’Asti Superiore (£5.99 and 13.5%) with its cherry and red plum fruit, light texture, gentle acidity and concluding touches of clove and chocolate.

And another impressive next door wine

SLidl Navarra Agramont Gran Reservapeaking of areas with prestigious neighbours, Navarra has often been underestimated because it is next door to Rioja but, with the right grape mix and skilled producers, its wines can excel.

See for yourself with the appealing blackcurrant and black cherry flavours of 2007 Agramont Gran Reserva, Navarra (£5.99 and 13.5%) and just enough richness and vanilla touches to balance the tannin components and gentle acidity.

Next a white some way from home

Lidl Trentino Cantina Valle Isarco Gruner VeltlinerSince two of the recommended reds are from Italy, let’s stay there for a white to see how Austria’s signature grape translates to a mountainous part of Northern Italy – where vineyards can rise as high as 3000 feet above sea level.

Tolerably well is the answer, judging by the lively acidity and crispness of 2015 Gruner Veltliner Sudtirol Alto Adige (£7.49 and 13.5%) with its herby, greengage and apple fruit and the contrasting savoury edge that supports it.

Sweetness with a kindly price

Lidl Tokaj Bodvin CuveeSwitching to dessert wines, here is one from the world famous Tokaji region that uses late gathered grapes rather than employing the painstaking (and expensive) selection methods used for other wines in the hierarchy.

Many of the rounded marmalade elements are, however, clear enough in 2014 Bodvin Tokaji Cuvee (£5.49 for a half bottle and 11.5%) but its lively grapefruit acidity  brings an extra freshness to the mouth-feel; undeniably great value wine at this price.

Unusual but easy drinking summer fizz

Lidl Clairette de Die Wine2 June 11Clairette can be a nonentity grape even in its French homelands but, blended with muscat, it can provide us with delightfully undemanding summer afternoon fizz  with, as here, only light alcohol.

With a soft and mellow red apple baseline, Clairette de Die Cuvee Elegance (£6.99 and 7.5%) gives us honeyed flavours rounded out by sweeter spices and by an attractive creamy texture.






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2 Responses

  1. Hi Brian
    Another great Lidl’s line up, I will try and get down to my local in the next few days. The reds look good especially the Vaqueyras, Saint Guilhem-le-desert and the Agramont GR (great prices ).
    I’m sure I’ll find some other good buys as well !

  2. There is much to enjoy there, but do keep us updated on any that impress which are not listed here ……. Brian

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