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25% off at Sainsbury’s again!

With aggregated discounts that offer floral rose and Italian graciano at £4.50 and award winning prosecco at £5.63, there is much to love about the time limited 25% off deals that start today at Sainsbury’s.

From this morning, Sainsbury’s have launched another of their 25% multi-buy discounts when you buy six or more bottles; the deal runs until 5 June.

As the reductions are on top of any current promotions, today’s focus is on those “double discount” wines.

Three prices appear next to the name of a wine. To the right is the list price; the middle one is the slightly longer running promotional price that applies until 7 June while the left hand figure shows that “double discount multi-buy” price I mentioned.

Multi-buy prices do not apply in Scotland, to “Convenience” branches anywhere, if you buy fewer than six bottles – or beyond 5 June.

That’s covered the legals, I think, but do check in store if you are in any doubt

As usual, click on any picture for an enlarged image that will help you track down the wine on crowded shelves.

Lovely chablis from a mere £6.75

La Terrasse Chablis
La Terrasse Chablis

First up is a chablis – that latitude defying version of chardonnay that only works this far north because of the micro climate and, especially, the fossil rich terroir on which it grows.

I was hugely impressed by the well defined but delicate flavours of 2015 La Terrasse Chablis (£6.75/£9/£11 and 12.5%) with touches or orange and peach and a suggestion or three of herbs – versions this good at under £7 should not be allowed out alone for fear of kidnapping!

At last soft yet inexpensive rosé

Rioja Rosado
Rioja Rosado

Yours truly is probably the pickiest critic of rosé – often sampling a dozen to find one I like – but here (contrary to my expectations) is a tasty tempranillo led version from Spain.

Lighten your summer then with the soft and floral 2015 Taste the Difference Vinedos Barrihuelo Rioja Rosado (£4.50/£6/£8 and 13.5%) that has neat red currant and crab apple fruit, a gentle savoury backdrop and no trace of the harshness that blights so much modern rosé.

Extra finesse for a popular red

Santa Julia Malbec
Santa Julia Malbec

Familia Zuccardi produces some great value wines in Argentina and here have given the country’s trademark grape a little extra finesse by only ageing a third of it in oak – and then only for four months.

With dense elderberry and blueberry fruit there is real depth to 2015 Santa Julia Malbec (£5.63/£7.50/£10 and 13.5%) but there are also hints of mint and vanilla amid its balanced tannin and firm acidity.

Award winning Prosecco at a great price

Conegliano Prosecco
Conegliano Prosecco

Prosecco comes at several levels (including basic prosecco and prosecco superior – a rung higher) but the summit includes single vintage versions from Conegliano and Valdobbiadene like this award winning example with just a little extra sugar that takes it outside the Brut category.

The excellent acidity of 2015 Taste the Difference Conegliano Prosecco Superiore (£5.63/£7.50/£10 and 10.5%) embodies an attractive lemon edge but also has contrasting cream soda influences that give extra oomph to its lively effervescence.

Best of the Rest

Since the best prices, where they are available, require you to buy at least six bottles, here are a few others that can increase your trolley count without diluting the quality.

2015 Taste the Difference Touraine Sauvignon Blanc (£4.88/£6.50/£8 and 12.5%) with its rounded apple and lemon fruit but zingy acidity.

2015 Taste the Difference Coolwater Bay Sauvignon Blanc (£5.25/£7/£8 and 12.5%) with mild gooseberry flavours and complex orange depth.

2015 Taste the Difference Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico (£4.50/£6/£8 and 13%) offering perfumed, lime based zippiness.

2015 Taste the Difference Godello (£5.25/£7/£8 and 13.5%) providing soft but savoury quince style fruit that will delight regular contributor Dave Cronin!

2015 Taste the Difference Graciano (£4.50/£6/£8 and 13.5%) with soft, light, raspberry and plum fruit.





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3 Responses

  1. Hi Brian
    Currently in Wales at the moment on a short holiday, funny enough we have a bottle of the TtD Conegliano Prosecco in the fridge hoping the sun will shine.
    Yes I have tasted and enjoyed the Godello ( tried most of the supermarket offerings and this is one of the better ones).
    Not tasted the Barrihuelo Rosado yet but I have really enjoyed the Rioja, so will put it on my list to try.
    Will also add the Santa Julia to my list as I’m really liking Malbec, particularly a previous recommendation from you the Trapiche Pure Malbec (Co Op)

  2. Brian,

    Thanks for the recommendations. I keep your newsletter on my phone, however would it be possible to have a “send to my phone” tick box next to each image of the wine so that I can go back in later months to find it. Sainsbury’s seem to be consistently challenging LIDL and ALDI throughout the year. I expect I would need to enter my phone number in your database. Maybe subscribing to text messaging would work.
    All the same your newsletter is a pleasure to receive
    Just back from visiting family and friends in California. Their Chardonnay and Pinot Noir is full of fruit, texture and flavour. On one occasion after swirling the Chardonnay filled the room with it’s aroma!

  3. Hi Richard and good to hear from you. Agreed – California does big, expressive wines brilliantly; the only drawback is the price over here.
    As for sending pictures to your phone, the teckies sucked their teeth about it in that familiar car mechanic and builder fashion but I will keep at them to try to find a way to help ….. Good to have you back in the UK ……….. Brian

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