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Top Tips for Thrifty Drinkers

Sauvignon that overcomes the challenges and a well-priced red from a classic region steal the headlines in today’s Top Tip post.

If – like most subscribers – you are something of a wine enthusiast and one who appreciates a good deal, today’s post is for you.

It contains recommendations for two excellent wines offering sound quality without breaking the bank.

One is even on offer – but not for too much longer.

Both stray a little off the beaten path – although not very far.

One is an alternative to Marlborough sauvignon while the other is an upgrade on basic shiraz with an example from a top region.

Both have a great deal to offer the thrifty wine drinker who values both taste and value.

As is normal here, pictures and hyperlinks are provided where possible to guide you straight to the right wine on shelf or web page.

Enticing sauvignon in difficult times.

2022 South Breakwater Sauvignon Blanc (£6.75 at the Co-op and 12.5%):

Despite the challenges around water shortages for vineyards in Chile’s Casablanca Valley, this sauvignon blanc shines through.

On opening the bottle, you’ll be greeted by enticing tropical fruit aromas that pave the way for delightful pineapple and gooseberry flavours.

These medium-bodied elements take centre stage and are accompanied by herbal green pepper undertones.

Finally, the wine’s assertive lime acidity and subtle touch of sweetness create a finish that is both rounded and refreshing.

NB:- The price on the website differs from the latest one the Co-op has provided.

Well priced shiraz from a classic region

2021 Extra Special Barossa Shiraz (£7 – instead of £8 until 31 May – at Asda and 14.5%):

Originating from South Australia’s legendary Barossa Valley, this red is a true gem.

The Valley’s warm temperatures, diverse soil types, and ancient, unirrigated vines play a major part in the richness and concentration of its wines – including this one.

With a mineral backdrop adding depth, it slowly unfolds evolving flavours of damson, cherry, and blackcurrant.

You’ll also discover suggestions of chocolate, nutmeg, and black pepper to add complexity and leave a lasting impression.

NB:- The link goes to a “Shiraz” page – this wine is in Row 2.

After today’s focus on less expensive wines from two retailers, Thursday’s post concentrates on just one source (Lidl) to find the stars among its most recent Wine Tours.

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6 Responses

  1. Asda are telling us that starting Wednesday 24th May and running until the end of Bank Holiday Monday on the 29th they have a 25% offer if we buy 6 or more bottles! The offer attaches to ”selected wine” and ”sparkling wine” so as ever there’s a need to check all the small print to make sure of any exclusions that could disappoint potential purchasers!

    Prescient then where Brian’s offering today is the Extra Special Barossa Shiraz normally £8, down to £7 on the shelf but as part of the deal can be had for £5.25!! That’s a tremendous offering.

    But as is often the case at Asda some of their slightly more expensive or mid-price bottles attention too when they might have a shelf reduction already attaching as well, with the offer of a further 25% off it makes for good drinking and great value.

    One of my favourites is a well-priced Bordeaux. Often hard-to-find such quality at the money, this will be as little as £5.63. Predominantly Merlot, their Montagne-St-Emilion has worthy medals. Interesting claret for this kind of money is rare.

    Similarly a double-dip on this Dao at £4.68 is a cracking choice https://groceries.asda.com/product/all-other-grapes/asda-extra-special-dao/910000461265

    …And although not shelf discounted, still at less than £6 this Italian is a continuing gem of quality I buy regularly. https://groceries.asda.com/product/all-other-grapes/via-vincini-gran-rosso/1000304027784

  2. Bravo Eddie for unearthing details of the upcoming promotion. You have pinpointed some nice wines too. These deals (and your alerts about their existence) does help MidWeekers combat rising wine prices – which, I sense, still have a bit to go yet before they level out.

  3. Good to contrast the Asda Shiraz with a lovely,fresh, crunchy and peppery Syrah from Chile, Leyda valley Reserva, £10 Coop.The vineyard is only 4 km from the coast and is regularly covered in sea fogs.This is a very good example of a. cool climate wine and contrasts with the Asda warm climate one.Both delicious, but very different examples of the same grape..
    For me, this is one of the best red wines on the Coop list.

  4. Good point about contrasting wines from different climates. Although their latitudes are not wildly different, Leyda has those cooling ocean influences to restrain average temperatures.

  5. Good Morning Brian, I picked up a few things last week in my local Asda, to take advantage of their latest 25% off 6 deal. In particular, I thought the Extra Special Malbec Rose and the Extra Special Rueda both very good. The Rueda recently increased in price from £5-00 to £6-00, and is now back down to £5-50, so with the discount, just over £4 a bottle, certainly can’t complain about that.

  6. Thanks for getting in touch – as, I think, a first time contributor. Do keep sharing your thoughts and your experiences with different wines. That Rueda has proved very popular (and is quite different in the flavour range it encompasses) but I do find it needs to be caught young. Of all options, it does seem to feel its age quite early on in the process. Incidentally, the Asda website suggests that the £5.50 price may only be in certain stores (and online of course)

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