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Iconic Rosé with a 20% Discount

A spotlight today on a lighter than expected cabernet franc and a really classy rosé. Take a closer look at why they shine so brightly.

Today’s Friday Treat wine has something in common with the Mozart family.

Despite being a talented composer and musician, Leopold Mozart receives much less acclamation than his son, Wolfgang Amadeus.

Likewise with one grape variety, the son (cabernet sauvignon) always seems to overshadow the father’s (cabernet franc) virtues.

Even though the latter has lower tannin, greater versatility and a nuanced flavour range, it still attracts less attention than its offspring.

The first part of this post, however, gives cabernet franc its deserved place in the limelight.

By contrast, its (Sunday Best) companion is a rosé widely celebrated within its own (still relatively short) lifetime.

Better still, it currently enjoys a discount of almost 20%.

Both are well suited to summer. so do try them out.

In the usual way, hyperlinks and pictures are used where possible to help you locate the bottle in question.

Friday Treat

Starting in Languedoc

2021 Les Argelières Cabernet Franc (£9.49 at House of Townend and 13.5% abv):

  • Lighter and softer than much cabernet franc.
  • This is from Southern France.
  • It has ripe blackcurrant and cherry flavours.
  • Background elements include coffee, vanilla and spice.
  • Although its acidity is firm, its tannin is modest.

At least one of its duties (adding structure to Bordeaux blends) can sometimes categorise cabernet franc as a robust grape.

However, the light, soft fruit and herbal versions from France’s Loire Valley tell a different story – as does this Languedoc example.

Medium bodied with a gentle savoury background, it offers ripe blackcurrant, raspberry and cherry flavours as its central theme.

Those elements are accompanied by firm acidity with hints of coffee, vanilla and sweeter spices – but only modest tannin.

Sunday Best

Now getting “in the pink”

2022 Mirabeau Pure Côtes de Provence Rosé (£12.99 – instead of £15.99 until 6 June – at Waitrose and 13%):

  • A stylish and delicate rosé.
  • Pale pink in colour with minty aromas.
  • Its flavours include cranberry and rhubarb.
  • Tangerine acidity adds freshness.
  • It finishes though with just a touch of sweetness.

Maison Mirabeau was founded in its current form in 2010 to reflect flagship Provence rosé like this.

Adding to its “style statement”, it now appears in new, tastefully designed bottles.

This “Pure” version sums up all the freshness, style and delicacy that makes rosé from thereabouts such sought after summer drinking. 

With a subtle pink colour and minty aromas, it delivers restrained cranberry, raspberry and rhubarb flavours.

Tuning in to add support, come fresh tangerine acidity, allspice touches and just a trace of sweetness. 

Join me again on Monday when value at budget price points is, once more, the theme in my latest Top Tips post.

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