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This Week’s Promotions

Three new promotions start on the High Street this week and here are some pointers about what to look for.

Here is quick update on what is happening with Supermarket promotions this week.


From tomorrow, M&S is offering ‘3 for £5’ across hundreds of canned cocktails and beers where that type of promotion is allowed.

Those reductions should apply until 2 March as will those mentioned below.

There are also reductions on three prosecco and two Laurent Perrier Champagnes while half a dozen entry point wines drop to £6 – from, in most cases, £7.

Further up the price ladder, discounts are applied to two clarets and two Rhone reds so take a look instore to see what takes your fancy.


The new Morrisons promotions begin on Wednesday with a large number of reductions.

They are expected to run until 18 February 2020.

Two of the featured wines that I can recommend are:-

  • Mud House Sauvignon Blanc (Drops from £9.25 to £7)
  • The Best Priorat (Drops from £10 to £8).


A new promotion begins in Co-op stores on Wednesday and expires on 18 February 2020.

Although not all wines are available in all stores, among the discounts featured are:

  • Las Moras Pinot Grigio (Down £2 to £5)
  • Porta Seis Red (Down £1 to £7)
  • 19 Crimes Cabernet Sauvignon (Down £2 to £7.50)
  • Stonehaven Sauvignon Blanc (Down £2 to £6)
  • Most Wanted Albarino (Down £1 to £7.50)

Back on Wednesday guys with an in depth look at the Lidl Wine Tour I mentioned last Friday.

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8 Responses

  1. That’s great to hear and I am delighted to have played a small part in the event. I hope that the day itself goes off equally well ….. Best ….. Brian

  2. Sure thing Chris. Smooth bramble and loganberry fruit with good acidity, firm tannin and a herbal, liquorice and menthol background that has mineral influences too.

  3. Hello Brian
    Struggling to get anything on Sainsbury’s 25% on-line as you describe ”this week from Wednesday”.
    Can you help with more information? Thank you ….

  4. Hi Eddie …….. Try Googling “Sainsbury’s Wine” then click on “All Wine” from the options and look in the top left hand corner of the bottle shot for “offer”. Alternatively, we shall include a number of recommendations in next Monday’s post.

  5. Please don’t buy the Baracca & Fassoldi Chianti Riserva, at least not the 2016 vintage I got. It is thin, vinegary and well past its best. Reduced for clearance, I think.

  6. Thanks for the heads up Jerry and sorry you were disappointed. As with other offers mentioned in Monday posts, this was included for information and is only a recommendation if my post specifically says so. Be sure to tell M&S about this one as it may have been a rogue bottle that was out of condition.

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