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A Couple of Reds to Enjoy

Lidl's latest Wine Tour promotion started yesterday and here are my headline selections from the list.

Today’s short post takes a quick look at the new Lidl Wine Tour promotion that started yesterday – and reveals my headline selections from the wines it contains.

Next Wednesday’s post looks in more detail at the promotion and provides background on why I think certain selections will be of interest to those keen to learn a bit more about wine in general.

But back to those headlines. 

2015 Squinzano Rossi Riserva Corte Aurelio (£5.99 at Lidl while stocks last and 13% abv):

For me, this Wine Tour is significantly stronger on reds than whites (which is why both today’s highlights are red), starting with this modestly priced version from Puglia.

Here is the link to the website.

It has soft plum and cherry fruit with good acidity and firm (but not intrusive) tannin and is given an unusual complexity for a six pound wine by mellow cocoa and allspice depth.

2018 Duck Point Cabernet Sauvignon (£8.99 at Lidl while stocks last and 14% abv):

Only two of the twenty or so wines in this promotion are more expensive but this cabernet from the Barossa (yes, cabernet not shiraz!) is well worth the money and, to me, outperforms both of those £10 New Zealand options.

Here is the link to the website

Enjoy then its well defined, smooth cherry, plum and raspberry fruit that is neatly supported by just the right combination of acidic freshness and slightly chewy tannic bite.

Back on Monday with details of three promotions that begin next week.

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4 Responses

  1. Hi Brian
    The Squinzano is a big favourite with our wine group, especially at that price, our conclusion was it’s probably better with food as it’s quite a bold wine. As you say though it’s full of plum and cherry but it just has something more complex in the background. Some of us have even picked this up in the past for the ridiculous price of £3.99 in the clearance section.
    Sounds like the Duck Point may be worth checking out as well.

  2. Yes, concur with Dave and yourself on The Sqinzano. At the money it’s a great purchase to check out something in the rare-over-here category. Also got the South African Cinsault yesterday as well as reductions from the winter tour, notably the Tasmanian Riesling that was 9.99 down to 3.99!

  3. Hi Dave – yes it was that background complexity that appealed to me but I was surprised that the Lidl MW score was down at 85. Personally I would have rated it higher than that.

  4. Good to know Eddie that three great minds think alike!
    Be interested in your thoughts on the cinsault – I felt that the mourvedre (at 50p cheaper) outperformed it but I may be selling it short.
    As for that Tasmanian riesling, I enjoyed its soft apple fruit and herbal texture but felt that £9.99 overpitched it; a snip though at the price you secured!

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