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This Week’s Promotions

Highlights from Sainsbury's current promotion. Plus Co-op offers starting this week.

Here are details of two notable supermarket promotions starting, or continuing, this week.


From Wednesday (until 31 March), the Co-op is offering discounts on the following wines. These are available nationwide, your local store may include others in the promotion too.

  • Weather Man Sauvignon Blanc (Drops £1 to £5.50)
  • Villa Garducci Pinot Grigio Trebbiano (Drops from £7 to £5)
  • Yealands Sauvignon Blanc (Down £2 to £7.50)
  • Muriel Tempranillo Rioja (Drops from £8.50 to £6.50)
  • La Grange St Martin Côtes du Rhône (Down from £7.75 to £6.75)
  • The Black Shiraz (Down from £8.25 to £7.75)
  • Adeletto Prosecco (Down £1.50 to £7)
  • Heidsieck Monopole Brut NV (Down to £20)
  • Lanson Black Label Champagne (Down £10 to £25)


In last week’s post, I promised more on the content of the new promotion at Sainsbury’s (expected to run until 24 March). Here are some of my highlights:

And if you feel like venturing into the next price bracket:

Wednesday’s post looks at a different promotion which will offer you substantial discounts until the middle of next week.

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