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First 25% off When You Buy Six Promotion

The multi-buy promotion season seems to have opened with this impressive deal at Waitrose until 17 March.

Today sees, I think, the first 2020 multi-buy promotion allowing a 25% discount when you buy six or more bottles (mixed any which way).

The deal, at Waitrose, runs until 17 March and applies to all wines selling at £5 or over.

However, it is not available in Scotland, Wales or at Waitrose-run operations in motorway service areas or the like.

Do check on the Waitrose website for the complete T’s and C’s.

The promotion does, however, apply to the Waitrose Cellar online operation.

Across the River  

Promotions like this give us a chance to try wines that may strain budgets in normal times but which come within the radar for a week.

First up is an opportunity to compare wines from two sauvignon blanc superstars that sit either side of the Loire river to see which style works best for you.  

Let’s start with 2018 Domaine Chatelain Pouilly-Fume (12.5% abv, normally £16.99 and pictured above) which brings us aromatic gooseberry and green apple fruit, grassy and herbal influences, sherbet lemon acidity but is embellished by those slightly austere smoky elements that show why “fume” is added to the name.

Softer and rather fuller, 2018 Domaine Naudet Sancerre (13% and normally £14.99) has a textured ripe pear, orange and tropical fruit background with good pink grapefruit acidity and a gentle hint of sweetness.

Here’s something quite unusual nowadays

Not so often do you see crusted port these days (see the Berry Bros description of the style) but this is an excellent example of what it is all about that could sit nicely in your case of six even it waits until Christmas for its entrance.

Being unfiltered, there may be some residual debris in the bottle or your glass but the benefits this wine brings handsomely exceed those minor inconveniences.

Lighter than many ports and very skilfully balanced , Waitrose and Partners No1 Crusted Port (20% abv and normally £19.99) has aromatic and silky black cherry fruit with good acidity and delightful ancillary suggestions of aniseed, mocha, marzipan, cayenne pepper and hints of orange. A joy to drink!

Other recommendations

Here are some wines you might like to consider buying using this helpful discount; all have been recommended by sources I trust.

  • La Gioiosa Prosecco Superiore Millesimato Valdobbiadene (normally £13.49)
  • Waitrose and Partners Blanc de Noirs Brut Champagne (normally £23.99)
  • Laurent Miquel Vendanges Nocturnes Viognier, Pays d’Oc (normally £9.39)
  • Tre Fiori Greco di Tufo, Campania (normally £10.99)
  • The Search Grenache Blanc (normally £9.49)
  • Tres Mares Albarino, Riax Baixas (normally £9.99)
  • Felsner Moosburgerin Gruner Veltliner (normally £12.49)
  • Left Field Albarino Gisborne (normally £10.79)
  • Waitrose in Partnership with Chianti Classico Riserva (normally £15.99)
  • Catina di Negrar Amarone della Valpolicella Classico (normally £19.99)

Case Packers

Finally, come a few (already inexpensive) wines that can be used if you are just short of the six you need to qualify for the main reduction.

All are reliable wines I have tasted or which have been commended by trusted samplers.

  • Waitrose and Partners Fairtrade Chenin Blanc (normally £6.99)
  • The Waterfront Chardonnay (normally £7.99 and pictured here)
  • Waitrose and Partners Reserve Claret, (normally £6.49)
  • Cellier des Dauphins Réserve des Vignerons Merlot Grenache (normally £5.89)

Incidentally, Waitrose tell me that the Waterfront white is cutting across from a chardonnay and viognier blend to straight chardonnay so either option could be on the shelf at the moment.

Good hunting among the shelves or online. There are some great value wines to be secured this week.

Be back on Friday folks with a couple more suggestions for great value wine but from other suppliers.  

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks for flagging this up Brian, always a winner. My choices as case fillers are Terra Viva organic Italian merlot and Moncaro Verdicchio, which seem to please everyone midweek and come out at a fiver or less on promotion.
    I’m also tempted to push the boat out with the madeiras, of course they don’t deteriorate in an opened bottle and bual and verdelho styles are just lovely.
    Just my 5 pence worth..

  2. Thanks Stephen. It always helpful to have further recommendations for “case packers” and I am sure MidWeekers will bless you for pointing them in the right direction!
    Reward yourself for the effort by buying the Madeira you mention. I know that is exactly what you want me to tell you.

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