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Strange Times Indeed

How I'm adapting my updates

I do hope that you and yours are keeping safe and fit in what are surely the strangest times most of us have ever encountered.

How to react to these events in mundane respects like these posts, leaves me in two minds.

Wine is part of the icing on the cake of life but no one can really call it an essential.

Equally, continuing with anything that smacks of normality (and provides welcome background reading) seems to be appreciated.

And, if wines being recommended are not immediately available, details can go on the “Reset List” for when isolation restrictions are lifted.

So, I plan to carry on for now – starting with details of a current promotion (below).

However, the paucity of normal promotions at present argues for amalgamating the current Monday and Friday posts and releasing it on Mondays. The current Wednesday post will then move to Thursdays.

Latest Lidl Wine Tour

A new Lidl Wine Tour started last Thursday and is expected to run through until late May.

Here are my highlights from its content.


  • 2018 Nivei Rioja Blanco (£5.99 and 13% abv):
    35% Sauvignon Blanc with good acidity and smooth white plum and lime fruit.
  • 2018 Dereszla Tokaji Dry (£7.99 and 12.5%):
    85% Furmint with textured apple and lemon fruit with a touch of spice.
  • 2018 Rheingau Riesling Trocken (£6.49 and 12%):
    Grassy lime and apple fruit with a hint of pear.
  • 2018 Junge Winzer Grauburgunder (£7.99 and 13.5%)
    Pinot Gris, of course, with vibrant grapefruit acidity behind a quince base containing a hint of spice. ***STAR BUY***


  • 2018 Dornfelder Trocken (£5.99 and 12.5%):
    Soft prune and black cherry fruit with a light texture.
  • 2018 Saint Chinian Les Moulines Reserve (£7.99 and 13.5%):
    Syrah and Grenache blend (60:40) with smooth cherry and loganberry fruit embellished with a cinnamon and milk chocolate background.

As explained, I’ll be back on Thursday for a fairly detailed look at Chenin Blanc.

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12 Responses

  1. Please continue Brian. I’d certainly argue that wine is essential to one’s mental health during these strange times!

  2. Nothing mundane about your messages. Reading about what we may be obliged or unable to savour maintains vital memories of the joys of life. As one of the “protected species” I can choose how best to use my early shopping opportunities. Please keep going.

  3. Hello Brian
    I’ve had the Ch. Luc de Beaumont Cotes de Blaye , 2016, already from the Lidl Spring Wine Tour. You’ll well know how hard it is to find good claret for under £10-£12 and this bottle is only £6.99. I can only express complete satisfaction, it’s a little cracker especially for the money and given I can go again in person soon I’ll be taking all I can and laying it down for a year or two, consuming it slowly. Plus … they have that Squinzano again at £5.99. WHAT! a delight that wine is. Will have a go at that St Chinian too.
    Keep up the good work.
    Best now

  4. Thanks Phil. In view of the positive response here and by email, I certainly plan to carry on but really appreciate hearing your thoughts; thank you …. Brian

  5. Thanks for your kind words. I am glad others share my view that reading about wine is the second best thing to drinking it – even if the imbibing’s margin of victory is substantial! Look after yourself mate especially as a “protected species”.

  6. Excellent, Greg – it certainly will continue. Let’s hope it will not be too long before the love of your excellent beer at Scampton’s Dambusters pub can also continue.

  7. As you say, Eddie, inexpensive claret is like hen’s teeth. Areas like Blaye at the top end of the Right Bank offer the best hope of finding some, especially as young, keen winemakers are setting up there because it is too expensive to do so elsewhere in Bordeaux. I, too, rate that Squinzano but didn’t mention it yesterday as I waxed lyrical about it last time.

  8. Hi John. Good to hear from you. I particularly liked this example because it shows how sound the variety can be in the right hands

  9. Hi Brian, carry on regardless and aim to keep things “normal” although challenging in these strange times. I bought a few from above along with the excellent vermentino and Gruner at the weekend. All were very essential to me.
    Keep up the good work, happy drinking and stay safe.

  10. Thanks Chris – appreciate your thoughts. Although both those wines just missd out on my top four whites, I agree that the 2018 Sassi Del Mare Vermentino Toscana (£7.99) and 2018 Gruner Veltliner Reserve (£6.99) are both decent bottles indeed. Especially enjoyed the mineral backdrop to the Gruner which is rare indeed at that price.

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