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Everyday Barolo are not words that appear together often but, for two days only, Lidl are offering a presentable version for £4.99; hurry, though, the offer ends on Sunday night.

Possibly seeking to repeat the stir its “claret offensive” caused a couple of years back, Lidl are offering the country a rather special “Barolo Bonanza” for two days over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Barolo is a distinctive and usually pretty expensive red from Italy’s Piedmont region derived from nebbiolo grapes and delivering smooth wine with traditional bitter cherry flavours, firm acidity and a twist or three of tannin.

However, this is not merely food friendly wine – it seems to demand it!

Such a speciality (“tar and roses” is how Oz Clarke described it in his excellent Grapes & Wines book) is unlikely ever, of course, to be available at under a fiver. But that is exactly what Lidl are offering – reducing the price from £9.99 to £4.99 for 48 hours (tomorrow and Sunday).

So, what’s it like?

Understandably this is not the most complex or intense version ever created nor one that has been aged for 25 years (as expensive examples often are) but it offers a presentable, well made glassful with the unmistakable fingerprints of the region and well worth a special trip to your local store to secure.

For a really good summary of the 2013 wine and the region, tune into Tom Cannavan’s comments in his highly acclaimed Wine Pages web site.

For me, 2013 Barolo (£4.99 – instead of £9.99 until Sunday night and 14%) has a light red colour with long, floral, raspberry, savoury cherry and rose hip flavours supported by suggestions of clove, vanilla and a firm tannin backbone.

There are older versions about

Some stores have the previous vintage (2012 Barolo) which has similar cherry and fruit cake components, however, its texture is slightly smoother and spicier with chewier – slightly grainy – tannin but the fruit is less bold and rounded.


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4 Responses

  1. Loved the German white recommendation but a bit disappointed with this one. Probably expected a bit too much for £4.99 a bottle, though!

  2. That was damned hard luck …….. Several someone’s must have literally got up early in the morning!

  3. With its bitter cherry base, Barolo can be a bit of a “marmite” wine but, as we know, seldom available at that price point. Glad you enjoyed that Sainsbury’s pinot blanc though ……… Best ……… Brian

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