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Bank Holiday Bottles Near You

No need to plan your wine in advance and gamble on the Bank Holiday weather. Seek out this tasty trio at a retailer in almost every neighbourhood.

With early May weather unpredictable, the week’s main shop may have been too early to decide what to buy for informal drinking this weekend.

So here is a trio of reliable, well priced wines on promotion until 2 May at the Co-op who seem to offer last minute shopping options around – or close to – most street corners.

As usual, click on any of the bottles shown for an enlarged image to help you pinpoint the wine on a crowded shelf.

Aussies do merlot too

Although South Australia is prime shiraz or cabernet sauvignon country, merlot still leads the “other red varieties” by a mile – often creating respectable fare like this branded version (named after a popular Murray River cattle grazing site) and ideal supper table wine.

With classic cherry and cinnamon influences, 2016 Oxford Landing Merlot (£5.49 – instead of £7.49 until 2 May – and 13.5%) also brings you firm acidity with floral raspberry and plum touches and a hint of aniseed  but only limited tannin – with everything enveloped in a soft, medium bodied texture.

Malbec for every BBQ

If the weather does support a Bank Holiday barbecue then few reds suit these events better than malbec, and this one from the hot, dry vineyards of San Juan does the job brilliantly – and at a great current price.

While all the expected rounded, gentle depth and soft tannins appear aplenty in 2016 Las Moras Barrel Select Malbec (£5.99 – instead of £7.99 until 2 May – and 13.5%) there are also concentrated cherry and prune components along with carefully balanced suggestions of clove, vanilla and milk chocolate.

And for a White

Almost as famed as Argentinian malbec is that country’s flagship white – torrontes – which, here, is blended with pinot grigio and also hails from San Juan – where careful winemaking can still deliver white wine with acidity despite the hot climate.

Enjoy then the slightly viscous but floral and undemanding 2016 Olas Torrontes Pinot Grigio (£5.49 – instead of £6.49 until 2 May – and 12.5%) with greengage, pineapple and tangerine fruit, nippy grapefruit acidity and a nutty, ginger based twist too.

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend and see you again next week.    


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  1. As we discussed by email, I think that the (already expired) promotion was part of an earlier post added to the site during the lifetime of the offer …… Thanks though for getting in touch. Mistakes can easily creep in and can slip under the net ….. Best ….. Brian

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