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Catch up on new promotions at Tesco and M&S this week plus pointers towards discounts on chablis and New Zealand pinot noir elsewhere.

Here is your weekly update on promotions in force at this moment at the main High Street wine outlets.

I am in the process of putting more structure into the charts to show typical deals at three price points (under £6.50, over £9 and between the two) and this format will be phased in over the next couple of weeks.

With the larger scale promotions the “typical examples” shown will often be refreshed part way through.

The “Sunrise/Sunset” colour shading indicates promotions that are new (yellow) or (in pink) about to expire.

Unless I say so, though, the wines appearing here are featured as information about what is available not as specific recommendations – the normal bread and butter of this site.

As ever, head over to the retailer’s website where possible for fuller details of anything that sparks your interest.

At Tesco

Tesco’s have a new promotion with price cuts that average around 18% on something like a hundred different lines including a 30% reduction on a prosecco that has been earning five stars from Tesco customers in recent months.

Remember though that the discounts are restricted to Clubcard holders and that the retailer’s website sets out details of this promotion and much else.

The new structure for the chart applies to this summary of the promotion

At Sainsbury’s

A promotion is also underway at Sainsbury’s with the usual extensive range of price reductions (including a good selection of Taste the Difference options); it is expected to run through to 15 March.

Among the reds – with useful £1 discounts – are Campo de Borja Garnacha, Elegant Frog Malbec Cabernet and Saint Chinian.

One I enjoyed last summer as was Taste the Difference Austrian Riesling which drops to £8 (from £8.75 – remember Austrian wine is seldom cheap).

It centres on soft peach and apple flavours neatly supplemented by good acidity and a savoury backdrop.

Here, then, is the traditional table giving a snapshot of what is on offer with more details available on this page of Sainsbury’s web site.

At Morrisons

As usual, Morrisons has a substantial range of promotions and tailors them to fit the pricing and other polices in different parts of the UK.

A number of the retailer’s premium own label wines (The Best) form a significant part of this promotion and one inclusion that has impressed me in the past is The Best Chablis.

This drops from £15 to £12 in Scotland while, in England and Wales, it is available as a “25% off when you buy three” deal.

Below is the usual chart that picks out some of the promotion’s features but the retailer’s website has fuller details – pay special attention to any multi-buy options available where you live.

At Waitrose

Waitrose probably has the High Street’s most comprehensive range of promotions (which include the wine in the feature picture above) and which cover a wide spectrum of price points.

Its deals run at least until 15 March and, in some cases, are extended to 22 March.

The chenin blend I praised last week has been sold through, so attention could now switch to La Gioiosa Prosecco Superiore Valdobbiadene which has won many plaudits for its quality – but its £9.49 price ends on 15 March.

Of necessity, this chart can only pick out a small sample of what is available at Waitrose but the rest of their offers are particularly well documented on this page of their website.

At M&S

It’s “all change” at M&S with a new promotion starting earlier this week.

Among its components are two new Chilean wines (a £6 merlot and a £9 Leyda Sauvignon Blanc) and a 20% reduction (to £2) on 11 beers.

Personally, I often find M&S to have some of the best beers (and the widest range) on the High Street and currently discounted lines include Suffolk Jester IPA, London Porter and Belgian Cherry Wheatbeer. 

As I have said before, providing online information about M&S offers is complicated by its relationship with Ocado (who do not always replicate M&S promotions) but the chart shows what deals exist in M&S “bricks and mortar” stores.

At the Co-op

The current Co-op promotion is scheduled to end on March 15 so this may be the last chance to get the Irresistible South African Sauvignon Blanc Reserva at £4.50 (£5.50 for non-members) with its “ripe pear, pink grapefruit and melon flavours supported by muted lime acidity”.

Remember, though, that this retailer’s structure is complicated by its (often autonomous) local groupings which can mean that prices differ from place to place.

It’s especially important, therefore, to check the price on the shelf (the definitive one) in any particular store.

At Asda

Asda’s current promotion continues apace offering up to 25% off on selected wines in its (premium own label) Extra Special range and that arrangement is expected to run until 23 March.

Among the wines affected are its Gavi and Primitivo (both of which drop from £8 to £6) and a Gran Reserva Rioja (down to £8.63 – from £11.50).

Let’s also give another shout to Extra Special Pinot Grigio (£4.88 from £6.50) which combines zesty green apple, pear and peach flavours with (typical Trentino) lively acidity.  

Fans of skilfully balanced pinot grigio, it really is your birthday!

Here, then, is the Asda summary chart with fuller details available via this link to their website.

At Lidl

Lidl’s Wine of the Week this time offers a reduction from £7.99 to £5.49 on its New Zealand Pinot Noir Marlborough.

In Scotland and Wales, that promotion is in force from 10–16 March but, in English stores, it will only be available from 11-13 March.

Call in once more on Monday when I reveal my latest Top Tips and again on Thursday for an update on the promotions in force then.

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7 Responses

  1. Thanks Brian for the comprehensive info. Do you have a view on the Lidl Pinot Noir? Is it worth buying a few?

  2. Hi Brian, I am finding your new format confusing.

    I dont understand what “typical content means” and the colour coding is a distraction . Start and end dates for promotions are clear enough in my mind

    Apart from that I continue to enjoy your recommendations


  3. I have not tried the current vintage Phil but hope that any MidWeekers who have will add their thoughts in this comments section. If the store is not too far away, it may be worth buying one to try and heading back the next day for more if it tickles your taste buds.

  4. Hi Ian and thanks for your thoughts. I am still trying different formats and contents for these particular posts so it is really helpful to have reactions and suggestions from people who use the site regularly. Appreciate your taking the time to share your thinking.

  5. Hello Brian … just to take the opportunity here to flag-up a facility I’ve just used with The Wine Society. I know you like to keep your readership up-to-date with some pick of the clicks but the problem for me with using most of the online suppliers is the fact they charge for delivery .. unless you spend a certain amount … that can be quite considerable … and only then does delivery come free. I’ve just made a £49, TWS order, for half a mixed case to try some new-to-me wines and two things. They are not charging for delivery, AND … a bonus when they will deliver Saturday, that is just 48 hours notice of making the order! I was happy to take 6 bottles except I believe if I’d only wanted a couple of something then free delivery was still available; there was no minimum order. How long this holds for I have no idea but I bet they sell a lot of stuff, and some of it is very nice indeed, not particularly expensive, interesting and not typical either of much that is my staple from supermarket shelves. Best as ever ..

  6. Thanks Eddie …. Good point about delivery charges as several MidWeekers have pointed that out to me. As for The Wine Society I agree that their range and the value they represent stand out from the crowd.

  7. Hello, Eddie.
    Ewan from The Wine Society here.
    Our usual minimum is 12 bottles (or £75-worth) for free delivery, with no extra charge for next-day or Saturday delivery.
    We’re very glad you have taken advantage of our temporary free delivery service with no minimum order threshold, This is a trial period, lasting until 4:00pm on Monday 28th March (so if you wanted to take advantage again … 😉 )
    Best wishes,

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