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Wine on a Dime: Bargain Priced Sicilian White plus Pinot Noir for £7.49

A £5 white is joined by a red that is 50% dearer yet still terrific value for what it offers.

For today’s post, I return to the question of prices.

The reasons for the recent steady climb are well rehearsed, and we do need to get used to a new wine price “sweet spot” – more about this on Thursday.

Occasionally, something tasty will emerge at an unexpectedly low price but be warned … all that glitters is not gold.

Today, however, there is some “gold” to report in the shape of a pleasant but, obviously, straightforward white wine.

It could be a useful “house wine” for many people’s houses.

Its fellow featured wine is a bit dearer but also great value for money when set in the context of what it contains and what its rivals cost.

I hope they both tickle your taste buds too.

As is normal here, pictures and hyperlinks are provided where possible to guide you straight to the right wine on shelf or web page.

Romania scores again

2021 Sorcova Pinot Noir (£7.49 – instead of £8.49 until 31 October – at Waitrose and 12.5% abv):

Burgundian and New Zealand pinot noir prices are riding high, so the discount on this well-crafted Romanian version is especially welcome.

Floral but with an attractive fruity aura, it delivers medium bodied raspberry and plum flavours.

These are skilfully supported by minimal tannin and lively acidity coupled with suggestions of cinnamon and dried herbs.

And for that potential “House white”.

2021 Organic Pinot Grigio (Currently £4.99 – instead of £7.25 – at Morrisons and 12%):

As I have said before, retailers’ determination to offer some £5 wines so often leads to seriously reduced quality.

However, this (admittedly uncomplicated) Sicilian white is a decent bottle indeed.

With a floral nose and balanced texture, it delivers mango, red apple and ripe melon flavours.

Its attractive supplementary components include orange centred acidity and lively citrus zest.

After today’s focus on the less expensive end of the wine world, take a step up to my Friday treats and two steps up to my Sunday Best selections when we meet again on Thursday.

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