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What’s on Promotion Right Now?

Today sees the debut of new, easier to read, format for High Street wine promotions but still with extensive coverage of six major retailers.  

For the second of our more detailed reviews of promotions, I have tried to focus on just three items from each retailer’s promotions.

The idea is then for you to head through to the website concerned if something arrests your attention, or if it is your retailer of choice.

This change is a response to the fact that some subscribers considered the previous format too long – but do, please, keep telling me what you want.

My 2019 survey revealed that most subscribers’ top priority was recommendations of good value wines on promotion – and I hope these new tables (which can be enlarged) communicate that successfully.

The yellow and pink “Sunrise/Sunset” colour shading has been retained to reflect what is new and, conversely, what is about the expire.

The feature picture is a red on promotion at the Co-op and one that I recommended back in November.

Read on to find something else eye catching that merits further investigation.

 At Tesco

We are now in the final week of the current Tesco promotion (which, once again, is exclusively for Clubcard holders).

One noticeable feature is the reduction (from £8 to £6) of a number of wines in the Trivento and Casillero Del Diablo ranges.

A snapshot of the content of the promotion appears below but do use this link to see fuller details on the retailer’s website.

At Sainsbury’s

A new three-week promotion started yesterday at Sainsbury’s with over 130 price reductions (typically of around 15%) starting with seven wines at £5.50.

Here is summary giving a snapshot of what is on offer but do head over to the retailer’s web site for fuller details.

At Morrisons

Morrisons have an extensive range of promotions (tailored to cover the pricing and other polices in different parts of the UK) but this round of price reductions is now entering its final week.

Among its discounts, are a number of reductions on Morrisons premium own label wines (“The Best”) of, in some cases, 20% including Best Marques De Los Rios Garnacha (down to £6.50) and Best Uco Valley Chardonnay (currently £7).

As before, here is a chart picking out some of the features of this promotion but for more details head across to the retailer’s website using this link – which take you to the white wine page but you can arrow back to find others.

 At Waitrose

Waitrose probably has the most extensive range of promotions on the High Street, and they cover an equally wide spectrum of price points.

My chart, therefore, can only pick out a small sample of what is available but the rest of their offers are particularly well documented on this page of their website.

At M&S

Once again, details of what’s new in M&S take a broad view and highlight what they can offer for a series of events.

Outlining what is available is tricky because the M&S website puts its focus on sales of cases of six while individual bottles do appear on the Ocado site but can be at different prices to those applying to M&S physical stores.

This chart does, however, show you what deals can be found where M&S have a “bricks and mortar” presence.

At the Co-op

We are now into the second week of the current Co-op promotions but, good as so many Co-op wines are, things can be complicated by this retailer’s structure, with (often autonomous) local groupings meaning things can differ from place to place.

It’s especially important, therefore, to check the price in any particular store before marching boldly to the check-out; the price on the shelf is the definitive one.

In a similar format to that used for other retailers, here is my snapshot of the content of this current promotion.

A nice bonus from the Co-op

I am told that the price reduction (from £6.50 to £5.50) on the Co-op’s 2021 Irresistible Fairtrade Sauvignon Blanc is carrying on in Scotland.

Those living there are therefore well advised to seek out this excellent South African sauvignon which is a veritable snip at that price.

Rounded yet nicely aromatic, it delivers ripe pear, pink grapefruit and melon flavours supported by muted lime acidity and suggestions of green herbs.


So that’s the picture as at this moment folks and good hunting for those tasty wines that are currently down in price.

My next post (on Monday) contains my latest Top Tips of recommended wines, with further details of promotions at major supermarkets following on Thursday– do join me on both days.

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