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Water, water everywhere

Use these two as an inspiration; even if your local is crowded, there is always a corner away from the hordes!

I know that Midweekers are a determined bunch but this pair the BBC featured in Yorkshire must win the prize for not letting anything get in the way of a quiet drink!


Domaine Jacky Marteau Sauvignon
Domaine Jacky Marteau Sauvignon

If, incidentally, you need something to float your boat during the current rainy season, seek out 2014 Domaine Jacky Marteau Touraine Sauvignon Blanc (£9 at M&S).


With grassy, up-front, lime centred fruit and tangerine based depth, it sits somewhere between Marlborough and Sancerre and offers some of the best vibrancy and intensity I can remember from the middle Loire.




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