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Two tops tips for your next supermarket trip

An Extra Special Douro and a South African white Grenache.

My top tips this week include an intensely fruity Portuguese Douro and a tasty South African white Grenache – a steal at £5.50. Scroll down and you’ll also find a heads up on the new multibuy offer at Sainsbury’s, plus a reminder of the Tesco Clubcard holder promotion ending today.

2020 The Best Bush Vine Grenache Blanc (£5.50 – instead of £8.25 until 2 November – at Morrisons)

A mutation of its black namesake, white Grenache originated in Spain (and also plays a key role in white Chateauneuf du Pape) but has only recently gained traction as a commercial variety in South Africa (home to this great value example).

With savoury depth yet still generous hints of ripeness, it brings us greengage, pear and fresh pineapple flavours given verve by lively lemon and grapefruit acidity and combined with vanilla, mint and orange pith elements too.

2019 Extra Special Douro Red (£6.50 at Asda)

Portugal’s Douro Valley was once famous for its “field blends”, where almost random selections of grapes are grown, picked and fermented together. More systematic approaches apply nowadays but blending different varieties remains very common there for local wines like this.

Savoury edged but with hints of sweetness, it has intense blueberry, black cherry and loganberry flavours combined with good acidity, firm tannin and suggestions of mint, nutmeg and rosemary.

We’ll be back on Thursday with a full round up of promotions at the major retailers. In the meantime, take note of the ‘Buy 6 and save 25%‘ deal just launched at Sainsbury’s, and don’t forget Tesco’s ‘3 for £20 deal ends today.

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6 Responses

  1. When lockdowns first began we started using Morrisons for grocery deliveries, and often add a “Morrisons Best” wine to the basket. Haven’t been disappointed with anything yet, and, particularly when on offer, they offer fine value. Their £5.25 Fino, whilst not up with the very best, offers a fine outside summer lunchtime tipple, as does their Muscadet.
    Recently enjoyed their characterful Single Vineyard Wild Fermented Pinot Noir (from Chile). Currently slightly discounted at £9 instead of £10.

    1. Have to agree Richard. Morrisons has a strong list especially (but by no means exclusively) from South Africa. Their buyers tell me that their ability to buy smaller lots than, say, Tesco gives them more choice. Whatever the reason, Morrisons are on song at the moment as are Sainsbury’s. Interestingly, Sainsbury’s have also added a few smaller parcels of wine to their range so perhaps the point about “thinking small” is a valid one.

  2. Hi Brian … I was just about to walk out the door to go and shop at Asda and have some of their 25% off buy-6 … and might I say, have their Taylors LBV Port £15 down to £11, when up came your email and the Douro recommendation. I am now returned with 2 bottles and looking forward eventually to checking out what I hope will be another Portuguese treasure. Best for now …

  3. PS … should have mentioned that while in Sainsbury’s for the Douro one of the best whites you’ve mentioned of late… the TTD Chilean Chardonnay … folks can have it for £ 8 down to £6.50 self price this week … but £4.88 on their current buy-6. That’s astonishing value for lovely wine I think we all agree?

  4. Be interested to hear your thoughts on that one – Douro producing excellent reds for modest money at the moment.

  5. I had another bottle of it only the other day and the quality really holds up well. A steal at under a fiver as you say.

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