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Two super supermarket finds

A fresh South African Sauvignon and a delicate Shiraz.

This week’s recommendations include another great alternative to Malborough Sauvignon Blanc and a delicate but tasty Shiraz from M&S. You’ll also find details of a new 25% off promotion at Majestic plus other supermarket discounts and promotions of note.

2019 Le Froglet Shiraz (£6 – instead of £7 until 12 July – at M&S)

While French Syrah (Shiraz) is often quite weighty, this Languedoc version is surprisingly delicate. Nevertheless, it has more savouriness than other light-ish wines, containing appealing graphite influences to offset its aromatic bramble and cherry flavours.

Supporting acidity, mild tannin and traces of cinnamon and chocolate add to its enticements. The discount ends today but it still represents good value at the list price.

2020 Best South African Sauvignon Blanc (£5.50 – instead of £6.75 until 27 July – at Morrisons)

This should be added to my list of “Marlborough alternatives” mentioned in a recent post – as should the Bordeaux Sauvignon recommended in the comments section to that post.

Soft and textured, this Morrisons version contains subtle orange, green pepper and crunchy pear flavours accompanied by firm lime acidity and suggestions of ginger.

Current offers and promotions

At Sainsbury’s

A new promotion launched last week at Sainsbury’s and is expected to run until 27 July. Both the red and white versions of this Languedoc are included among the offers:

  • Taste the Difference Languedoc (Down to £6.50 until 27 July)

At Asda

Deals continue this week at Asda including 1/3 off Grahams LBV Port (down to £9) for anyone thinking of stocking up for Christmas. I’m told a number of the offers run until the beginning of August but this Rosé is on offer until 13th:

At Majestic

Save at least 25% on all Definition wines at Majestic when you ‘mix six’ until 19 July (in parts of the UK where multi-buys are permitted). Their Valpolicella, which we recommended back in December, is a particular highlight:

At M&S

A reminder that current offers end today at Marks and Spencer. Both my Top Tip above and this red are among the discounts:

  • Burra Brook Cabernet Sauvignon (Down to £6 until 12 July)

At other retailers

Offers also continue this week at the Co-op and Waitrose, see last week’s post for details.

Tune in on Thursday when we look at wines that have fallen out of favour but most definitely deserve rehabilitation.

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4 Responses

  1. Hey Brian

    Thanks to your great reviews, i’ve been trying to get through some of your Morrisons The Best range

    I’ve been massively impressed with selection and value (especially on offer).

    Any chance you could do a feature on The Best range and pull out some top recommendations in one place?

    Keep up the good work

    Cheers, Mark

    Any chance you could do an

  2. Hi Mark and thanks for getting in touch – and for your kind words; they are much appreciated. You are right to praise the Morrisons range, Mark Jarman and his team do a great job there with fewer accolades than they deserve. I have also been impressed by the Sainsbury’s range this year. Let me think about that Morrisons post – I now realise it was May 2019 that I last did one exclusively about them. Do keep commenting in the site – it can sometimes feel that I am talking to an empty room!

  3. A sound plan. A Morrisons post is now more likely to focus on a couple of varieties rather than on the Best range itself.

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