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Top Tips go to Italy and Austria

A “too good to miss” red and a look at an “R” word wine provide today’s Top Tips.

Time, my friends, for another search for great value Top Tips among the maze of wines available on our High Streets and the plethora of promotions that accompany them.

The red option today is from a region that frequently provides great value wines – Puglia – but is not primitivo.

On a similar “but not” theme, today’s recommended white is a riesling yet is not German.

I hope they both work for you.

As normal, pictures and hyperlinks are provided where possible to guide you straight to the right wine on shelf or web page.

Warning: It is too easy to miss this guy.

You could be forgiven for walking past this “un-shouty” Italian red from Puglia, but I think it is perfectly configured to get UK taste buds excited.

The fruit is to the fore, it has clear intensity, its tannin is mild, and the supporting flavours are diverse yet attractive.

The only downside is that its price reverts to £7.50 on Wednesday (but is still a good buy at that level).

Meanwhile, 2020 The Best Negroamaro is £6.50 – instead of £7.50 until 21 June – at Morrisons Scottish stores and on a “Buy 3, save 25%” mechanic elsewhere.   

Its concentrated and smooth cherry and damson flavours are supplemented by lively acidity, gentle tannin and traces of chocolate, clove and liquorice.

One for riesling refuseniks.

If – despite my regular insistence – you remain unconvinced about German riesling, try this version from Austria.

Rieslings from there are often denser and with fewer sweet influences than versions from further north.

Slightly zingy yet nicely textured, 2021 Taste the Difference Austrian Riesling (£7.75 – instead of £8.75 until 28 June – at Sainsbury’s) brings us a cocktail of flavours.

The mixture includes apple, pear and apricot elements that all enjoy freshness and verve courtesy of its bright acidity.

Drop by again on Thursday, when I take a further look at supermarket promotions and concentrate on Friday Night special wines or those for even more special occasions.

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2 Responses

  1. Absolutely adore that Negroamaro. I find it has a kind of “perfume” that I’ve yet to find in other red varieties. A top recommendation if anyone’s yet to try this variety.

  2. Thanks Matthew. You are quite right, the aromas are indeed distinctive and another reason to seek out – if you can – a three bottle set before the current promotion ends.

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