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Time to Give These Great Value Options a Try

Rioja that is only a year or so old and unfamiliar Italian white wine form today’s tempting invitations to try something new.

Trying “new to you” wines has much to commend it.

There can be a whole range of new flavours waiting impatiently out there to be tasted.

Discovering them will not only broaden your wine knowledge but also help to steer you towards other new wines that could be tried.

Who knows, you may even find a new favourite wine.

Even if not, life is surely too short for always sticking with the same thing.

Ah! You may say but what if I don’t like it and, consequently, waste my money?

That is where the descriptions here are designed to help – providing indications of whether this is something you will enjoy.

You can start today with a white wine you have never have heard of or a red that is younger than you might otherwise choose.

Once again, pictures and hyperlinks are included where possible to make it easier to track down the wine in question.

Let’s start in Italy

2021 Tesco Finest Pecorino (£7 Tesco):

Once a well-kept secret within its Marche and Abruzzo homeland, pecorino is now among Italy’s most versatile and appreciated white wines.

Floral with an underlying nuttiness, this example delivers classy peach and apricot flavours.

These are coupled with bright acidity, floral and dried herb elements and a counterbalancing mineral background too.

…And then to the youthful side of Spain

2021 Guía Real (£6 – instead of £9 until 10 April at M&S): 

Mature Rioja, deservedly, gets lots of love but young versions like this can be good options too.

They provide the fresh fruitiness that tempranillo can do well and which makes the wine easy to drink, versatile with food and great value for money.

Dark and attractively youthful, this example delivers juicy cherry, plum and mulberry flavours.

Good acidity (but limited tannin) alongside aniseed, vanilla and toffee components all join the party too.

Link up with me again on Thursday when we can assess my latest discoveries that I think will enhance your Friday Treats and your Sunday Best choices.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Brian, have always enjoyed Pecorino and will give this one a try and have a comparison with my go to version from Lidl at £5.49 ish. I’ve sometimes found that a Joven Rioja can push just as nicely as it’s “bigger brothers” sometimes.
    Best as always.

  2. You are right that alternative version is a nice wine so I will be interested in the results of your “face-off”. As you say, young tempranillo is also winning more and more friends.

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