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Two Chilean stars for less than £8. Plus the latest supermarket offers.

Read on for my latest wine picks – both from Chile this week. I also bring you details of promotions at Waitrose, Asda and the Co-op, plus a fizz offer for readers in Scotland and Wales.

2019 Casillero del Diablo Sauvignon Blanc (£6 at Asda, and 13%):

Although South American Sauvignon quality can vary, this is a nicely made, great value option with a (typically Chilean) savoury, slightly saline, edge.

While not as assertive as New Zealand versions, it still has crisp sherbet lemon freshness with an attractive grapefruit backbone and touches of spice. 

Find it here on Asda’s website

2018 Root 1 Carmenere (£7.75 at Morrisons):

Carmenere is one of the lesser-known varieties used for blending in Bordeaux but in Chile it has found a new lease of life.

Its dark chocolate flavours work well alongside the ripe raspberry fruit and savoury green pepper.

Current promotions

At Waitrose

As I mentioned in last week’s post, a new promotion is now on at Waitrose until 2 June. Here are some bottles worth seeking out:

And if you’re looking for something light or bubbly, these bottles are also on offer at Waitrose until 9 June:

At Co-op

Starting on Wednesday, the latest promotion at Co-op is expected to run until 2 June. Below is a selection of the wines included. Check online or in your local store for the full range.

  • La Vieille Ferme Rouge (Down from £7.75 to £6.75)
  • La Vieille Ferme Blanc (Drops from £7.75 to £6.75)
  • Ramon Bilbao El Viaje Rose (Down from £8 to £7)
  • Chalk Duster Zinfandel (Drops from £7.50 to £6.50)
  • Artan Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon (Down to £8.50)

At Asda

Kicking off on Thursday, Asda’s new set of offers will be available until 10 June. Here are just some of the wines on promotion, for full details see the website from Thursday onwards.

  • Villa Maria Pinot Grigio (Down from £9.50 to £7)
  • Torres Vina Sol (Drops from £7.50 to £5.50)
  • Mudhouse Sauvignon Blanc (Down £2 to £7)
  • Extra Special Soave Classico (Down to £5.50)
  • Extra Special Barbera (Drops from £6.50 to £5.50)
  • Extra Special Malbec (Down £1.50 to £6)
  • Extra Special Pinot Noir (Down from £10 to £9)

At Lidl

I have harboured a few doubts about sparkling Sauvignon Blanc but several MidWeekers have praised this one so here’s a chance to give it a “taste drive” at a reduced price. But only if you can access Lidl’s Scottish and Welsh stores, the offer isn’t currently on in England or Northern Ireland.

  • Winemaker’s Selection Marlborough Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc (Down from £9.99 to £6.99, between 14 and 20 May. Scotland and Wales only)

This Thursday we take a look at the new range that M&S have just introduced.

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