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Swing into Spring with Great Value Prosecco

Spring is here and it's time to leave hearty reds for autumn and switch to lighter, fruitier, and fresher wines such as those featured today.

Even if there are no maypoles down your way today, it is impossible not to know that spring is now in full swing.

Ideally, then, our wine purchases need to reflect that change in the season.

Apart from occasional use, those heavy and hearty reds can now be tucked away until the changing colour of leaves and diminishing daylight tell us that September is here.

Among other things, the fresh and lighter foods spring makes available provide a good reason to switch to wines that are lighter in body and place more emphasis on fruitiness and acidity levels.  

Picking up on that point, the delicacy and freshness of rosé comes into its own for the next few months.

Another good option for spring is riesling with its floral background and attractive combination of citrus flavours and more tropical aspects like nectarine or mango.

Today’s recommendations provide good examples of both wines – and in one case adds bubbles to the selection.

In the usual way, hyperlinks and pictures are used where possible to help you locate the bottle in question.

A great toe in the water for dry feet.

2022 Tesco Mosel Steep Slopes Riesling (£7 Tesco and 11% abv): 

Of all German version, Mosel rieslings are possibly the best start point for those who (despite my oft expressed enthusiasm) have yet to appreciate the variety.

Not only do they offer a good balance of flavours but there is also enough acidity to counteract any possible sweetness.

Aromatic and dry (yet pleasingly fresh), this new vintage example has a combination of citrus fruit and apricot flavours as its main feature.

That is not the whole picture though since there is also a particularly harmonious union between steely minerality and honey elements.

These are both enlivened by tingly, almost spritzy, acidity.

An appealing rosé prosecco.

Fillipo Sansovino Prosecco Rosé (£8 – instead of £9 until 10 May – at Asda and 11%):

It was only in May 2020 that the Prosecco DOC Consortium officially recognised rosé versions at all.

Even then, there are restrictions (no more than 15% pinot noir as against over five times that amount of the glera grape).  

Understandably, the style is taking a little time to establish itself, but this is an appealing gentle yet flavoursome version that is excellent value on its current discount.

Uncomplicated and with muted rather than spirited effervescence, it delivers mildly textured cherry, strawberry and melon flavours.

These are supported by good sherbet-tinged acidity, orchard fruit hints and a touch of something more savoury.

See you again on Thursday when my regular Sunday Best choices join forces with suggested Friday treats and, of course, any update on “25% promotions”.

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  1. Perfect for summer Tom and such a pity it does not get the recogniton the quality of the wine deserves.

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