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Squeezing Maximum Value from the New World

Today the spotlight goes on great value new world wines – one with a name you might (inadvisably) ignore and the other with a price you couldn’t.

With good European wines available just now, I have probably unfairly neglected the new world recently.

Today is a good time to put that right because I have two especially good recommendations for you.

Both represent excellent value for money.

One is an M&S white with an unfamiliar name – but behind that label is wine easily comparable to options a couple of pounds dearer.

Its companion bears a thoroughly familiar name – Barossa Valley – but, pleasingly, displays quality well beyond its currently discounted price

I hope you enjoy them both.

Images are provided here to help you hunt out these wines in crowded displays.

First that Aussie red

2021 The Best Barossa Valley Shiraz (£7.50 – instead of £10 until 22 November – at Morrisons and 14.5% abv):  

Great to see this 25% reduction on an absolutely brilliant Aussie shiraz.

Full and dark, it delivers smoky bramble, cherry and plum flavours accompanied by mild tannin and good acidity.

Also in evidence are traces of sage, clove and milk chocolate – all integrated within a depth that helps the wine carry its 14.5% alcohol well.

This wine does appear to be an “in store speciality” which may not appear on the retailer’s website.

Over the ocean for the white

2021 Ya’Po Sauvignon Blanc (£6.00 in M&S stores and on the Ocado website – and 12.5%):

Like its sister merlot that M&S also sells, this Chilean sauvignon is a sound choice at a very fair price.

Ripe but with a slightly pithy texture, it contains melon and cooked apple flavours coupled with mellow hints of tropical fruit and green herbs neatly wrapped in vibrant lime acidity.

It is a good option as prices for sauvignon, in particular, continue to climb.

This Thursday’s post contains the usual pointers towards current supermarket deals but its headline feature covers Christmas discounts at Aldi.

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4 Responses

  1. Not sure if you’ve come across The Shepherds Clock GSM in M&S?

    Made by d’Arenberg in the style of their signature d’Arry’s Original Rhône blend.

    Well worth your tenner..

  2. Hi Adrian and many thanks for getting in touch. I have not encountered that one yet but, as you imply, the pedigree is good. I will try to secure some ….. Best …. Brian

  3. Prescient comment there Brian about the Barossa Shiraz at Morrison’s. I would have liked some but couldn’t find it instore this afternoon but was interested anyway in getting their Chilean Single Vineyard Pinot Noir advertised on line as 25% off £10 a bottle when we bought 3!!! Not a chance. No deal at all. The on line price is not the in-store price … Best as ever.

  4. Morrisons do seem to be experimenting with some offers going online only and some kept instore only. A sound business plan to see what works, but a tad confusing for mere mortals like the two of us, Eddie.

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