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Something for Everyone in Today’s Top Tips

Lovers of traditional reds and of (new to them) whites will find much to cheer in today’s well priced Top Tips.

Welcome aboard for the latest Top Tips post where I recommend wines that I consider represent especially good value for money.

This feature is the antidote to the complaint that wine writers hear most often – “I am confused and frustrated by the maze of alternatives that bedevil modern wine aisles”.

While there are seldom knowledgeable staff (or helpful labelling) to make things easier there, this feature sets out to fill the void.

No need to stick with the same wine week in and week out, just relax and let me be your guide.

As one extra bit of assistance, hyperlinks (just click on the wine’s name) and pictures are provided to help ensure that you are buying the correct wine.

First up is a red

2019 Best Bordeaux Superior (£7 at Morrisons):  

Despite slightly firm tannin, this gets very close to that elusive creature – typical red Bordeaux under £10 – and is a good start point for exploring the region’s style.

Opening with Bordeaux’s trademark leafy aromas, it centres around medium bodied cherry and loganberry flavours

That foundation is nicely supported by firm tannin and lively acidity coupled with hints of green pepper, caramel and a background savouriness.

Languedoc’s take on a Rhone classic

2020 Taste the Difference Viognier (£7 – instead of £8 until 5 April – at Sainsbury’s):

Time was when viognier was a speciality white from a northern corner of France’s Rhone Valley but now it is produced far and wide, including in this one’s relatively nearby homeland, Languedoc.

This example puts more emphasis on fruit than some creamier viogniers and would be a good option for anyone seeking to “trade up” from riper, flowery versions of pinot grigio (which may anyway be in short supply this summer)

Floral with hints of sweetness, it delivers intense lemon and peach flavours with enlivening tangerine acidity to counterbalance any tropical fruit ripeness.

Don’t miss the expanded monthly post heading your way on Thursday. It opens with my thoughts on the latest Lidl Wine Tour and supports them with old favourites like Pick of the Clicks and Sunday Best choices. See you then.

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