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So, What’s on Offer in a Store Near You.

The latest information on promotions and another Optimising Opportunities

Here is your weekly update on High Street wine promotions.

It sets out the timescales for current promotions, outlines what your retailer of choice has on offer and suggests what might be worth pursuing in other supermarkets.

In effect, it acts as a gateway to major retailers’ web sites where, of course, full details of those deals abide.

“Worth Exploring” ideas are suggestions, not necessarily specific recommendations, usually based on dependable producers or what has proved reliable in previous vintages.

First, though, is an Optimising Opportunities feature where subscribers are encouraged to use promotions to try something different partly because less money is at risk.

As normal, pictures and hyperlinks are included where possible to help identify the wine in question.  

Optimising Opportunities.

Given its neat response to possible shortages of Marlborough sauvignon blanc, the 64 Edge brand is worth a look.

It aims to put varietal consistency centre stage so shoppers can buy 64 Edge sauvignon with confidence knowing what to expect regardless of the country it comes from.

Versions from South Africa, Chile and (like the one described here) New Zealand are already on Morrison’s wine shelves and should have important and recognisable similarities to one another.

I enjoyed the New Zealand version (currently £9) which is based around ripe but grassy gooseberry and peach flavours attractively enlivened by lime or grapefruit acidity.

However, the South African version – 2021 64 Edge Sauvignon Blanc is currently on offer at £6.50 (instead of £8 until 26 April at Morrisons) so it may be instructive to compare the two if you can.

Deals about to expire

We now enter the final week of the current deals at Sainsbury’s which, incidentally, also provide an opportunity for experimentation.

One of “Green Spain’s” undoubted success stories is albarino but the same grape (with just a slightly different spelling) also appears over the border in northern Portugal.

Many feel that Portuguese versions contain more texture than some Spanish counterparts so why not use the current discount (to £6.75) on Taste the Difference Portuguese Alvarinho to see which one of them you prefer?

Details of all offers are on the Sainsbury’s website.

At Morrisons

Over at Morrisons (where the promotion also has just one more week to run) several “Three for £15” deals could prove attractive but check their website for details.  

Away from multi-buys, the montepulciano grape is the “go-to” safe option among Italian reds for many and the organic version mentioned in the second chart below is currently winning friends.

See whether it outpoints “standard” versions for you while it is still down to £6.  

Here are the usual charts

New Promotions

The new Tesco discounts for Clubcard holders began on Tuesday with the usual long list of price reductions.

Among the wide selection of branded wines, is a second chance to sample the chardonnay named after Norma Ratcliffe (Warwick Estate’s trailblazing winemaker) if you missed it in February.

Smooth and nicely textured, Warwick First Lady Chardonnay (down £1 to £7) features minty pear, melon and orange flavours supplemented by grapefruit acidity and a backdrop that delightfully integrates butter, vanilla, nutty and mineral elements.

Details of other promotions are in the chart below and on the retailer’s website.

At Waitrose

Yesterday, however, saw the start of the latest Waitrose promotions.

It is good to see that it includes an extension of the £3 reduction on Grant Burge Shiraz (still £6.49) which I praised recently.

It combines plum, blackcurrant and black cherry liqueur flavours with soft tannin, modest acidity and baking spice influences.  

Once again, details are in this chart and, naturally, on the Waitrose website.

At M&S

This week also saw a new promotion at M&S (until 23 May), but it does not include any wines I know especially well.

Instead I would say take a close look at the M&S Found range which has some great options and has recently added more.

Join me again on Monday for what has excited me as Top Tips and, on Thursday, for the monthly sweep of the wine scene including some new arrivals at Aldi.

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