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Offering A Gentle Twist: Captivating Rosé and Skilfully Crafted Shiraz

For something (slightly) different, try this captivating rosé and well crafted shiraz, both from rising star parts of established wine countries.

Since we arrive at the start of May this week, it is time to think about summertime drinking.

“Summer” and “wine” usually lead to thoughts of rosé – even although pale pink wines are rapidly becoming all-year round drinking.

Nevertheless, let’s be traditional and open the summer season with one of those rosés.

Here is the twist, though, it is not from areas famed for that style (Provence, the Loire and, now, Languedoc).

Furthermore, it is not from a variety you would expect – so read on for the details.

Hedging my weather-related bets, though, consider this post’s other featured wine.

It is an Aussie shiraz just in case winter does have one more inclement bite in our tails left.

As attention increases on less well-known parts of South Australia, so areas like the Limestone Coast will move towards centre stage.

 Mount Benson (home to this shiraz) is part of that region.

The images and hyperlinks provided should help you to find the wines in crowded displays.

But, first, that rosé

“Fronton” is a region in SW France and “Negrette” is its primary grape.

That variety is noted for aromatic, medium bodied, lightish fruit-driven, red wines – but here provides a charming and captivating rosé.

Soft with sweetish aromas, it brings us ripe cranberry and red cherry flavours.

These are supplemented by good acidity and the savoury herbal touches that also form part of its gentle, slightly minty, texture.

…And the red

2022 Wave Crest Shiraz Mount Benson (from £8.99 at Majestic, and 14%):  

Happily, however, that locality’s coastal coolness prevents grapes getting too flamboyantly ripe.

So here is a great value example (at £9) that neatly illustrates the quality of the resulting wines.

Smooth with damson, sloe and black olive flavours, it also offers meaty, black pepper and dried herb elements.

Tasty finishing touches complete the picture – all built into the smoke and sea-shell background the wine also contains.

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