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My pick from 120 price reductions

Here are my top tips from the latest Waitrose promotions - along with the Best of the Rest on the High Street and a tip about wine and hot weather.

A three week Waitrose wine promotion is currently under way and offers reductions on some 120 products until 29 August.

Regular favourites like Torres Vina Sol (down 25% to £5.73) and Santa Julia Malbec (down 20% to £6.99) put in an appearance again but I have selected two Italian wines as my particular choices from the list.

Once again I have also pinpointed two other star buys from elsewhere in the High Street and added another wine related top tip.

As usual, click on any picture for an enlarged image to help you find the bottle in a crowded display.

A name that became established for a reason

In the rush towards newly revived grape varieties, well established wines like Soave and Orvieto get overlooked, despite the latter’s potential for quality, crisp white wine often supercharged by fruity weightiness when – as here – grechetto is in the mix.

Sure enough, 2015 La Piuma Orvieto (£5.99 – instead of £7.99 and 12% abv) brings us a neat combination of rounded apple fruit, peach centred depth, a savoury edge to add complexity and firm grapefruit acidity to add that crispness.

A typical taste of chianti

We stick to the middle of Italy for today’s other wine, but one which seldom allows itself to be overlooked – chianti. Commentators seem to have singled out Italian reds when they question whether Riservas really do merit paying extra – but, fortunately, that discussion becomes unnecessary with the excellent price available here.

Many typical regional characteristics are evident in 2014 Sagrato Chianti Riserva (£6.99 – instead of £10.49 and 13%) including nutty black cherry fruit, slightly chewy tannin and savoury (almost mineral) edges but there are also neat touches of cocoa, cloves and herbs.

Best of the Rest

Some far flung foreign field

The quest to keep prices keen in the post Brexit devaluation era has sent wine buyers far and wide and this easy drinking, undemanding  Moldovian white is one of their success stories.

Less floral than many versions 2016 Morrisons Pinot Grigio (currently £4.25 at Morrisons and 12.5%) replaces those elements with attractive green apple acidity and a ripeness centred around red apple and peach fruit.

Worthy companion for “Majestic loves” Gru-vee

Having praised the gruner veltliner in this entry point Majestic range a week or two back, here is the perfect partner for outdoor summer drinking – a tempranillo-led Spanish blend from La Mancha.

Smooth and floral but quite light in texture 2016 Majestic Loves Spanish Red (£5.99 at Majestic and 13.5%) has juicy plum and black cherry fruit neatly supported by hints of cinnamon, cedar and rosemary.

This week’s top tips

Despite the attractions of hearty red wines with those barbecued steaks, keep a careful watch on the alcohol level of what you drink during very hot weather.

Remember that alcohol dehydrates you anyway – a major source of hang-overs – and  combining that effect with fluid loss through perspiration could do you considerable harm.

So, keep plenty of water available and bear in mind that meaty reds really do not seem to taste very nice in the scorching sunshine in any event.

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