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Great Wine and a Great Cause

Read all about a well priced red that is as good for your conscience as it is on your taste buds.

Fairtrade Fortnight begins on Monday and, to celebrate it, the Co-op has reduced the price of a number of its 25 or so Fairtrade wines until 15 March.

All credit to the Co-op they have supported this cause brilliantly – selling a third of the Fairtrade wine produced worldwide.

For instance, until the Tilimuqui secondary school in Argentina was completed (with support from Fairtrade wine sold by the Co-op) in 2012, the village had no secondary education for most of its older children.

Not simply an underperforming school, or an under resourced one, or a poorly accommodated one – no local secondary school at all!

Its not just the cause that’s good!

Co-op Fairtrade Malbec
Co-op Fairtrade Malbec

To help celebrate that and other successes (such as a new, reliable, drinking water supply), why not grab a bottle of my pick from the Co-op’s Fairtrade range.

Full and textured, 2013 Co-operative Fairtrade Truly Irresistible Malbec (£6.99 at the Co-op – with 13% abv) has impressive vanilla and chocolate influenced cherry fruit with limited tannin, firm raspberry centred acidity but a little twist of all-spice on the finish.

That incidentally is the all year round price and not part of any short term promotion.

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4 Responses

  1. This fair trade 2014 Malbec is divine! Dark as you like and goes down like a dream! I have heard great things so I decided to try for myself and it’s a new supermarket fave!

  2. Delighted to hear it, Laura – as you say it is a gem but, to me, does not get the recognition it deserves. …… Brian

  3. I thought Id signed-up already a few weeks back for email updates Brian but don’t seem to have had any yet.

    Just occurred to me to ask you for an article on the new Aldi wines but then that would be working you to the bone when they only came on shelf 6 days ago!

    But they often disappear very quickly these Aldi Specials. Anyway, I’ve had 6 bottles already though not drank all of them!! I went back immediately and got more of the Romanian red that took my fancy.

  4. I do not see you on the list of subscribers, Eddie. Sorry if that is a problem our end but the simplest rememedy is to fill in the details on the Home page again if you would be so kind.

    As for Aldi, I will try to access some of the wines before they are sold out ………..Best and enjoy the English Bank Holiday …. Brian

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