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Goodbye Good Friday; Hello Good Wine Monday

Fantastic value wines from three familiar wine regions to excite you today.

These days far too many wines are rushed into the shops before they are properly ready.

As a result, flavours have not developed fully, acidity levels remain too high and, even more frequently, tannin has not yet softened.

So, kudos to Spain, where wine laws impose minimum aging requirements on many wines.

This helps optimise complexity and maintain quality.

We have an example of that process at work for you today.

Its white companion is an everyday Italian wine from a region where ideal weather conditions have produced successive impressive vintages.

Finally, round off the Easter weekend, buying today’s bonus item at a great price – but hesitate, and the chance will go.  

Once again, pictures and hyperlinks are included where possible to make it easier to track down the wine in question.

Another great Soave

2021 The Best Soave Classico (£5.99 – instead of £7.75 until 16 April – at Morrisons and 12% abv):

Morrisons have excelled with Soave for a while now with versions that get the best from recent favourable weather conditions there.

This Classico (meaning from the region’s original and historic winemaking zone) continues that run.

Nicely perfumed and ripe, it exhibits textured pear, apple and ripe melon flavours with vaguely sweet touches.

All that is attractively supercharged by mouth-watering lemon and tangerine acidity.

Now for that red

2019 Irresistible Rioja Crianza (£7.00 at the Co-op and 13%):

As touched on earlier, crianza wines from Rioja are nicely mature (yet, happily, usually still affordable) offerings.

The wines have been aged for 2(+) years and spent at least six months in oak barrels.

Here is an example of the result, which is dark in colour with opening tobacco suggestions that lead into a cocktail of cherry, damson and mint flavours.

Those components are ably supported by good acidity (but proportionate tannin) plus chocolate, rosemary and cinnamon influences.

Top Tip Bonus

2021 Cȏtes du Rhȏne Villages (£7.25 – instead of £11 until 10 April – at M&S and 13%):

Since there is no Thursday post this week, here is a little bonus as compensation; but you will need to hurry.

Jaws will sag in amazement at the generous discount on this sophisticated French red but note that the price reduction ends at close of business tonight.

Medium bodied and juicy, its main focus is smooth cherry and plum flavours coupled with firm acidity (but gentle tannin).

All that is embellished by suggestions of clove with dried herb and black pepper elements creating a contrasting savoury edge.

As I say, no post this coming Thursday but normal “twice weekly” service resumes next Monday with another crop of Top Tips.

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2 Responses

  1. I have found that if you have a suitable space with not too much temperature variation, almost all red wines and many white wines benefit significantly from being stored for a few months before you drink them. Try an experiment with, say, a cheapish malbec – you may be surprised.
    Some lighter whites intended for immediate drinking may not show any benefit but even they will be no worse for a month or three’s storage at least…

  2. Great suggestion Jerry. As you imply, whites are often less successful but reds that have been released earlier than is ideal are excellent candidates. Two caveats – choose the timing carefully (many 2021 wines intended for early drinking are getting tired by now, so spring I not always the best time to do this). Secondly, don’t forget them! Most of us have tucked away something special for “the right moment” only discover that it has gone over when we do get round to drinking it.

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