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February Tesco Promotion

Here are one or two highlights from the recent Tesco promotion  – with the focus on the very straight forward “crowd pleasers” most of us need sometime!

They include decidely un-bland pinot grigio (the usual complaint) along with fully (and delightfully) reconstructed riesling.

Although many of the discounts on these promotions have now expired, the judgements on the wines themselves hold good for three or so months from the date of the post.

Pinot Grigio with a frisky face

First up, the legions of PG enthusiasts, should take a look at I Heart Pinot Grigio (£5 instead of £6.49). Because this is from Hungary – and some 5° of latitude north of many Italian versions – there is discernibly more acidity here. That adds welcome freshness to all those classic floral and peach touches.

No Spanish fan could dislike this

Nobody visiting Spain can have failed to see the good old reliable Torres Vina Sol (£5 instead of £6.99) among the standard whites there. Enjoy, in particular, its tasty, balanced orange and red apple flavours that are accentuated by a grapefruit centred edge of acidity.

Riesling but not as many remember it

I challenge anyone who still thinks German wine is sweet and bland to try 2013 Finest* Steillage Mosel Riesling (down to £5.99 – from £7.99). Although (just) off-dry, it has a lively grapefruit and sherbet finish to enliven its mellow red apple flavours and gentle, perfumed peach undertones.

Reliability with a fruity (French) accent

Among the reds, look out for Languedoc’s 2012 Finest* Domaine Aubermesnil Fitou (£5.99 instead of £7.99). I especially rate its plum, cherry and clove flavours with touches of herbs. Pleasingly too, its tannins are already nicely soft.

Wallet-friendly Fizz

Finally, the promotion knocks £4 off Tesco’s Finest* Premier Cru Champagne (down to £15.99). This is excellent fizz with biscuit aromas, lively bubbles and a well judged citrus edge. Scoop some up to lighten the dark days of February.

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