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Everyday Low Price Wine from Sainsbury’s

British shoppers are so conditioned to “money off” bargains that undiscounted wines (however good) seldom get a proper look in – here are three illustrations of why folk need to recalibrate that thinking to avoid missing out on well made wine at great value ongoing prices.

As major supermarkets re-align their strategies after “half price promotions” fell out of favour, my quest to maximise value for MidWeekers turns increasingly to the so-called EDLP category – Everyday Low Prices.

Here, then, are four Sainsbury’s wines I enjoyed – but only one of them is on promotion; the others are at on-going prices and form part of the retailer’s “Winemakers’ Selection” range (which sits between the budget “House” category and the premium “Taste the Difference”).

As usual, click on any bottle for an enlarged image to help spot the wine on a crowded shelf.

Going where value shines brightly

Sainsbury_s_Winemakers__Selection_Colombard_Sauvig_00102360South West France is a great source of good value wine – particularly whites from ugni blanc and colombard grapes – here, unusually, the second of those is partnered by sauvignon.

One immediate effect is the especially vibrant lemon acidity you encounter in 2014 Winemaker’s Selection Cotes de Gascogne (£5 and 11.5% abv) which is nicely supplemented by crisp red apple and pear fruit and a riper hint or two of tropical fruit.

Moving a little east

Sainsbury_s_Winemakers__Selection_Côtes_du_Rhône_7Much rarer, however, are entry-point whites from the Rhone Valley; there, the whites are more savoury and are centred around grape varieties like marsanne or, as here, roussanne and white grenache.

True to form, there is an almost mineral edge to 2014 Winemaker’s Selection Cotes du Rhone Reserve (£6 and 12.5%) that combines well with the fresh orange and quince fruit, lime centred acidity, creamy texture and ripe apricot touches that lurk in the background; well worth a pound more than the other two whites here.

Undemanding wine for relaxed occasions

Sainsbury_s_Winemakers__Selection_Riesling_75cl_00180986Although not as sophisticated as the companion whites in this post, that is not a problem in the laid-back climate in which this off-dry, drink anytime riesling prospers.

The undemanding ripe (and, sometimes, bruised) apple components of 2015 Winemaker’s Selection German Riesling  (£5 and 9.5%) are nicely offset by lime and lemon acidity to provide a balanced tipple for lazy, summer afternoons.

Chile’s take on a Bordeaux blend

Sainsbury_s_Taste_the_Difference_Cabernet_Sauvigno_00151467Good quality cabernet is very much the signature wine of Chile’s Maipo Valley aided in no small measure by the area’s warm temperatures but coastal influences; here is it blended with that other Bordeaux favourite – merlot.

Enjoy then the soft but dark, mocha influenced 2014 Taste the Difference Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot (£6.50 – instead of £8, until 19th July and 13.5%) with spicy cherry and minty blackberry fruit, limited tannin, firm acidity and hints of vanilla and smoke.











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