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Egg-sotic Wines for Easter

There is real diversity to Majestic's current promotion and going in to look them over may gain you a chocolate egg too.

 The Majestic Easter promotion started on Tuesday; it reduces prices even further on the first four items listed below and sticks with its excellent price reductions on the other three.

In addition there is a chocolate egg hunt in its stores as an extra incentive to pop in and try the wines they have on tasting.

The lower price shown here is the minimum applicable until 25 April but conditions do apply as set out in Majestic’s current terms.

Click on any of the bottles shown for an enlarged image to help you pinpoint the wine in a crowded display.

Muscat – yes but delicately dry

Dry Muscat
Dry Muscat

Muscat is pretty good at producing sweetish wines in many parts of the world – including Southern France – but this dry Languedoc version has more than a touch of Alsace about its style.

I am impressed by the rounded herbal components of 2014 Mas Neuf Muscat Sec 2014 (£6.99 instead of £8.99 and 11.5% abv) and the sharp lime acidity and savoury finish that give it such distinctive flavours.

Fermented in Wood

Barrel Fermented Chardonnay
Barrel Fermented Chardonnay

This Argentinean white has enjoyed barrel fermentation (rather than using, say, stainless steel tanks) and that tends to make the wine richer and rounder – but without as many oak-derived fingerprints as barrel maturation.


Judge for yourself though with the smooth and buttery 2014 Catena Barrel Fermented Chardonnay (£9.99 instead of £11.99 and 13.5%) which also has firm citrus acidity and a pear based depth that adds richness.

A successful French emigrée

Santa Ana Malbec
Santa Ana Malbec

Mendoza and Malbec form such an established marriage that it is hard to remember that this was originally a French grape and still produces great wine around Cahors, albeit with more sturdiness than Argentinean versions.

Textured and herbal, 2015 Santa Ana Malbec (£5.99 instead of £7.99 and 13%) has only limited tannin so its developing blackberry fruit and loganberry acidity shine though undimmed and finish on an engaging but vaguely savoury note.

Little known even by Beaujolais standards

Beau Beaujolais
Beau Beaujolais

 If Beaujolais is a seriously neglected wine region, then the “Pierres Dorées”  part of it (almost into Lyon) is completely off the radar – but canny Burgundy produces are slowly recognising the quality and value for money it offers.


The soft and herbal 2014 Beau Beaujolais (£7.49 instead of £8.99 and 12.5%) helps to show why with, in particular, the lively acidity that supports its raspberry and cherry fruit; any doubters will be amazed.

A superstar’s undiscovered brother

Sauvignon Gris
Sauvignon Gris

Meanwhile, in Chile, winemakers are beginning to appreciate the extra depth and power that sauvignon blanc’s brother – sauvignon gris – can bring to the party.


Fresh and rounded 2014 Santa Ema Sauvignon Gris (£6.99 instead of £8.99 and 13.5%) has rich apple depth to add complexity to its lemon centred sharpness and will be a welcome arrival to anyone slightly bored by entry point sauvignon blanc.

Many brains make good wine

Bienbebido Queso
Bienbebido Queso

A collaboration between winemakers, sommeliers and ordinary drinkers is behind the design of this fruit dominated and very handily priced 100% tempranillo Spanish red.


There is real softness to the deliberately food friendly 2013 Bienbebido Queso (£6.49 instead of £8.99 and 14%) with its soft blackcurrant and black cherry fruit, light body, gentle tannins but pleasingly lively assertive acidity.

And so to a sweet ending

Château La Rame
Château La Rame

Dessert wines are a seriously under estimated genre and this predominantly semillon Bordeaux sweetie is an excellent illustration of the style at a good price for what is hugely labour intensive wine to produce.

With a delightful peach and honey backbone, 2011 Château La Rame Sainte-Croix-du-Mont, 50cl (£10.79 instead of £11.99 and 13%) gives you attractive vanilla and fruit cake influences that add variety to its underlying sweetness.


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