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Delicious meets Unexpected: Affordable Wines to Try

Uncovering a hidden gem and its better-known partner. Both are flavoursome yet affordable wines with appreciable depth.

Discovering new wines is rewarding, but with so many options, knowing where to find them is a challenge.

Accepting the helping hand of the next few paragraphs though will lead you to a tasty white that will not break the bank, but which few will have discovered.

Its equally tasty red partner also has a slightly unexpected twist – as an unblended Rioja.

As is normal here, pictures and – where available – hyperlinks are provided to guide you straight to the right wine on shelf or web page.

Certainly didn’t expect this.

2021 Isoletta Lucido Pinot Grigio Sicily (£5.19 at Morrisons and 12.5%):

Lucido is an alternative Sicilian name for their workhorse catarratto grape and, here, its kindly priced alliance with pinot grigio works delightfully.

White wine this far south can struggle for acidity and, frankly, can sometimes be somewhat ordinary.

However, with floral and apricot aromas and faint mineral traces, this is anything but ordinary.

It also features crunchy apple and white peach flavours accompanied by a prickle of lemon acidity and unexpected depth.

This was more predictable – in a good way.

2020 Muriel Tempranillo Rioja (£6.75 – instead of £7.75 until 31 January – at the Co-op and 13.5% abv):

Although tempranillo normally does take the lead in Rioja, it usually has at least one blending partner.

Here, though, it goes it alone in a great value red created by a Bodegas that started producing quality Rioja almost a century ago.

Dark with attractive smoky touches, the wine itself delivers juicy black cherry and plum stone flavours supported by firm tannin and hints of cocoa, cinnamon and rosemary.

Building on today’s focus on the less expensive end of the wine world, take a look at my recommendations from the latest Lidl Wine Tour when we meet again on Thursday.

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4 Responses

  1. Hi Brian I must try the Isoletta Lucido Pinot Grigio, Sicilian white wine is a favourite. I would recommend trying Viognier Terre Siciliane in the latest Lidl wine tour, stone fruit, melon and pear and a nice touch of citrus with nice long finish. Well worth a try at £6.99 good with food or in front of the tv.

  2. You are nicely ahead of the game Barry – Thursday’s post on the Lidl Wine Tour does indeed feature that viognier. Not the most sophisticated example of the variety ever but, as you suggest, good for informal meals or fireside drinking.

  3. Hi Brian, Happy New Year!
    Will look out for the Isoletta Lucido Pinot Grigio. I usually avoid Pinot Grigio wines, unfortunate, as I know there can be very good examples.
    MidWeekers may wish to note that the 2020 Monsaraz Reserva, from Lidl, as highly recommended by you, and a 90 point award from Richard Bamfield, can be found in clearance bins in some stores, at £5.99, down from £8.49. And the NZ Duckpoint Blanc de Blanc down from £9.99 to £7.99. There are a few other reductions as well!
    Will be interested in your views on the new Lidl Tour. I only tried a few whites – enjoying the Roero Arneis and Corte Allodola, but the Zibibbo, a dry Muscat style wine, was the standout for me and my wife!
    I understand Zibibbo is another name for Muscat of Alexandria, and unusual in being popular as a dessert grape, wine grape and for producing raisins. I grew one in my previous house’s greenhouse. The grapes grew to a large size, before splitting and then the wasps moved in, making the green house a no-go area. I resorted to making little net curtain enclosures to put over each bunch! Bit of a faff especially as they had pips – so not enjoyed by anyone except me.

  4. Richard …. Like Barry you seem ahead of the game as you can probably see that Zibibbo was also on my list of Wine Tour options showing well. Muscat in all its forms does seem to work as a dessert grape as well as wine sources- and, after all, that number of wasps can’t be wrong.

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