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Celebrity Wines: From Screen to Vine .. at Good Prices Too

Quality wines from folk with celebrity status in their differing ways.

Seemingly, we live in a world where celebrity is prized.

Even with classic “15 minutes of fame” situations, headlines are still grabbed.

Furthermore, success in one area quickly spreads to another.

Footballer Gary Lineker and crisps is but one example.

So it is that stars of pop and films soon have their names on bottles of wine.

We look at the “fruits” of one such diversification today.

Also on the agenda is produce from a different celebrity – one who has star status but within his own specialism.

Both resulting wines are, I feel, well worth seeking and “celebrating”.

In the usual way, hyperlinks and pictures are used where possible to help you locate the bottle in question.

Starting with the red

2021 Gordon Ramsay Intenso Rosso (£7 – instead of £8.50 until 15 July with a Tesco Clubcard and 14% abv):

Celebrity wines are a mixed bag with some decidedly ordinary offerings, while folk like Graham Norton take winemaking very seriously.

To the list of successful ones, we should probably now add Gordon Ramsay if this full-bodied Italian red is typical.

Produced in conjunction with the acclaimed winemaker Alberto Antonini, it blends sangiovese, montepulciano and merlot.

The result has intense and ripe damson, raspberry and sour cherry flavours coupled with bright acidity and touches of smokiness. 

Click here for the hyperlink …https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/products/309749119

On to the white

2023 Irresistible Viognier (£8 – instead of £8.50 until 23 July at the Co-op and 13%):

Our recommended white involves a narrower view of celebrity.

It is created by a man whose fame is largely confined to the world of wine, but who is widely acclaimed within it – Languedoc’s Jean-Claude Mas.

The genius of this wine lies in its ability to preserve some of viognier’s classic density yet still create an overall impression of lightness.

It uses that texture to support subtle hints of honey and associated ripe red apple and nectarine flavours.

That backbone is then given zingy punch by lively tangerine acidity.

Click here for the hyperlink (but note that the online price and instore one differ) … https://www.coop.co.uk/products/co-op-irresistible-viognier-pays-doc-766616

Quality wines from folk with celebrity status in their differing ways.

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13 responses

  1. That’s prescient Brian. I don’t usually watch morning tv but last week Saturday Morning Kitchen is it, BBC1, the Co op Viognier was a bottle being drunk with one prepared meal, and being thoroughly enjoyed.

    One of our usual suspects here mentioned it a couple of weeks back too … no doubt whoever it was will chuck an opinion in the mix??

  2. I find the idea that Gary Barlow or Kylie Minogue know enough about wine to be worth buying from, quite bizarre.
    On the other hand, I did try that Ramsay red wine and thought it excellent for the price, at a time when I couldn’t find much worth buying in Morrisons. There is a white too, but I haven’t tried that.

    1. Neither have I Jerry. I did feel that once you knew Alberto Antonini was involved then this red was likely to be pretty good.

  3. Jean-Claude Mas talked about the viognier in his recent co-op online wine event and it is indeed excellent. Pity it’s more expensive in the shops but still great value. Poor man’s condrieu! As an aside, I use the Tour de France to guide my wine choice and discover some of the less well known appellations and IGPs. After 3 days in Italy and a new-to-me Pagadebit Romagna on Sunday, I have a Roussette de Savoie for tomorrow’s arrival in the French Alpes and a Bugey-Cerdon Methode Ancestrale for when they return there in the third week. Côtes d’Auvergne and Comté Tolosan also get a look in! More days than usual in Provence this year, although I couldn’t find/afford a Bellet from Nice for the final day!

    1. What a brilliant idea, David, Tour de France – in a bottle. I wish I had thought of that for a MidWeek Wines post. Incidentally, Aldi did have a Pagedebit Romagna at £7.99 but I am not sure whether it is still in stock. It impressed me with its distinctive greengage and melon flavours yet preserving freshness and lightness.

      1. Yes, Brian, that was the very one I drank. I start planning my ‘Tour du Vin’ each year in January or so and seem to have been able to get the Pagadebit – now sadly out of stock – for £6.99! I really rated it, too, as yet another ‘clean, dry and refreshing Italian white’.

  4. I am always sceptical about any product promoted by a Celebrity.I ask myself -why does this celebrity want to promote this product?That moves on to -do I really want to make this already mega rich person richer?
    As Brian has recommended it ( a trusted source) then I know it must be a very good wine;but if a wine has the name of a celeb on it ,I am much more likely not to buy it.
    Jean-Claude Mas is a different kettle of fish.He has brought a lot of affordable pleasure into my life.He must be 60 now,but is still curly haired ,lean and – damn it- has rockstar/playboy looks.There is a great video of him riding his ancient two stroke motor bike ,at speed,through his rows of vines,wearing old split screen goggles and a beret for head protection!Effortless cool French charm.
    However his real skill is an incredible attention to all the steps in making and selling quality wines at keen prices.His tag line is Luxe Rural, which he insists means “Everyday Luxury” ,which does not compute with my GCE Grade C French.
    I like his wines- apart from his sparkling ones- and I like the person.So I will be buying more of the Co-op Viognier, which I am still ( Eddie) claiming as my Scoop!

      1. Now there’s a brilliant nickname – Scoop Davies (investigative wine drinker par excellence).

    1. Happy to concede your “heard it here first claim”. It was your initial enthusiasm that prompted me to seek out a bottle – and the rest is literary history! J-C is indeed a great character and, more importantly for us – a great winemaker.
      Thanks for “trusted source” description – much appreciated and I do not think that the wine will let you (or me) down.

  5. Following on from the sauvignon blanc saga of last week I feel duty bound to mention something I said I would say to Asda, about a bottle they sent me.

    Asda The Wine Atlas Greece Rhoditis Sauvignon Blanc 75cl £7

    Devourishingly dangerous! I mean, hard to describe this delicious white wine in any better terms. As an aperitif I just had to guzzle it away with a bowl of snacks, nuts and olives for extra enjoyment.

    Asda Feteasca Regala, currently £6, we know all about but here I think comes the next big success story in that revamped Wine Atlas Series.

    OK it’s £7, not a fortune, but even at its top whack worth every last penny. But catch it say on a 25% off, buy 6 bottles deal and BINGO! At £5.25 we have quintessential white, summer perfection plus super value . I’ll have some quantity and it won’t last long in my drinks fridge.

    ”Rhoditis is a native Greek grape that adds deep complex floral notes to the classic citrus flavours of Sauvignon Blanc. Crisp apples, fresh pear and zesty citrus with a more-ish acidity”. It just works … for me. But even though I’m no money-betting man I do bet this wine will very shortly be getting spoken about in all the popular press columns and wine circles for a certain exclusivity that all the best of the usual grape suspects can deliver … but this more unusual one is up there with the best of them too.

  6. Evening all. I think I purposefully avoid any of the ‘celebrity’ wines on the basis that wine isn’t what brought the person fame and fortune so stick to what you’re good at and leave wine to those who know. In fact that’s probably exactly what the celebs do and just cash in on their name. I might change my mind on your recommendations Brian, but I can’t imagine I’d ever try a Barlow or Minogue! I did try the Duca di Sasetta Viognier tonight – the 22 not the 21 as you recommended, and very nice it was too. I’m glad I have another bottle tucked away somewhere. I’m also looking forward to trying the Pagadebit from Aldi, as by the sounds of it it’s also very enjoyable. Thanks for the tip Brian. Cheers

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