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Can’t Do it Every Week. But a Sub-£5 Wine Leads Today’s Tip Parade.

A bargain buy riesling gets a place in the spotlight today along with a carefully aged (but kindly priced) Spanish red.

As I have cautioned many times, reasonable quality bargain priced wines are difficult to find but, today, I do manage to feature one.

Anyone who still doubts the pleasures of inexpensive riesling will, for a mere £4, have a chance to see whether their conclusions are still valid.

While £6.50 is a bit more expensive, it remains a great price for the nicely aged Spanish red that completes the Top Tip line-up in this post.

I hope you enjoy them both.

Once again, pictures and, where appropriate, hyperlinks are included to make it easier to track down the wine in question.

Nicely matured Spanish red.

2017 Grandeza Aged Red Wine (£7.50 at Tesco but there is a £1 discount for Clubcard holders that ends today – and 13.5% abv):

MidWeeker Simon alerted me to this (btw it is also called Tesco Grandeza Gran Tradicion) and it was a good call indeed.

It is a nice combination, skilfully uniting a talented producer (Muriel), old vines and careful aging.

Despite its maturity, though, the wine still benefits from being left to open up.

Once that happens, it reveals rich plum, raspberry and cherry flavours accompanied by touches of leather, tobacco and vanilla.

And now for that bargain white

2022 Blütengarten German Riesling (currently £4.29 in Aldi stores and 10.5% abv):

This has already disappeared online, and this price reduction suggests its time in store may be limited.

Nevertheless, it is a fine example of the great, uncomplicated, refreshing everyday white wine that riesling offers us.

Its classic riesling aromas quickly dissipate to unveil green apple and ripe melon flavours and a wine that is dry (but not bone dry).

Zesty lime and grapefruit acidity, along with traces of peach, complete the picture.

Join me again on Thursday when I take one of my more detailed looks “beneath the bonnet” of the wine world.

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