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Canny Drinkers Alert: 25% off again

Another "25% off when you buy six" promotion starts in Sainsbury's today, so here are five reliable (and already discounted) premium or award winning wines that these extra reductions turn into even brighter bargains - three of them drop below a fiver.

Just receiving notice that Sainsbury’s are repeating their “25% off if you buy six” promotion from this morning. It runs in tandem with their regular promotion until 4 December – and once again allows double discounts during that period.

Remember though that these multi buy promotions do not apply in Sainsbury’s convenience branches or in Scotland (where the law prohibits them).

No time (given the short notice) to provide all the pictures (so only three appear at the foot of this post), but here are five wines I have recommended during 2016 that form part of the main promotion. The lowest price shown next to them applies until 4 December if you are eligible for double discounts.

The middle figure is the reduced price from 5 to 13 December (or earlier if you do not qualify for a double discount) while the highest number is the list price.


 Taste the Difference Pecorino …… (£4.69/ £6.25/ £7)

Taste the Difference Coolwater Bay Sauvignon Blanc … (£5.44/ £7.25/ £8)

Taste the Difference Fairtrade Sauvignon Blanc …. (£4.50/ £6/ £7)

Taste the Difference Languedoc Rouge  …… (£4.69/ £6.25/ £7)

Blanc de Blancs Brut Champagne … (£12/£16/£ 20)


What a week this one promises to be because the new Lidl promotion begins tomorrow. It will be reviewed on this site as dawn breaks – offering the perfect reason to sign up for my regular emails (see the side panel) if you have not already done so.



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