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Big Value and Lidl Surprises

When Lidl stores open this morning, the wine shelves should be proudly displaying their latest major French wine promotion. Here is what I consider to be the pick of its components.

Hoping, no doubt, to duplicate last September’s hugely successful “Claret Offensive”, Lidl launch another major French wine promotion today – and here is my take on its highlights.

All the wines are available – in the time honoured phrase – while stocks last but, be warned, the popular ones usually sell out very quickly.

Click on any of the bottles pictured for an enlarged image to help you pinpoint the wine on a crowded shelf.

Starting with Bordeaux Red

Chateau Lagrange 2011
Chateau Lagrange 2011

Of the six clarets listed, my vote goes to one from the most northerly of St Emilion’s four satellites and – incidentally – one of the easiest on the wallet.

Enjoy then the brightness and depth of 2011 Chateau Lagrange Lussac- Saint- Emilion (£8.99) with its fresh acidity, vanilla and herbal touches, appealing blackberry fruit and well judged tannic twist.

As a reserve, the cherry, raspberry and mint elements of Chateau de la Dauphine Fronsac (£14.99) also ticks a lot of boxes.

Go east to Burgundy

Santenay 2014
Santenay 2014

For a red Burgundy, I was impressed by one from a less well known commune right at the southern end of the Cote de Beaune and with a very diverse geological make up.


The bright and vibrant 2014 Les Jablieres Santenay (£9.99) has neat cinnamon touches that add appreciable complexity to its cherry and raspberry fruit.


…. and for a white

Hautes-cotes de Beaune
Hautes-cotes de Beaune

Stay in Cotes de Beaune for a white, with the lemon, vanilla and nutty flavours of the soft (and terrific value) 2014 De Marcilly Bourgogne Hautes-Cotes de Beaune (£8.99).

Equally, I was hugely impressed by the fresh and herby 2014 Domaine Saint Prix Saint-Bris (£8.99) from the only white Burgundy area allowed to use sauvignon – hence the wine’s terrific, crisp tangerine and grapefruit flavours.


Hitting the sweet spot

Chateau Mauras
Chateau Mauras

Of the four dessert wines listed, forgive me for being traditional and opting for 2012 Chateau Mauras Sauternes (£8.99 for a 50cl bottle) but its honey, marmalade and tangerine components are magical and knit together perfectly.

If that particular shelf is empty, my second choice would be the long and orange influenced 2013 Jurancon Doux (£6.79).

And so to the Best of the Rest

Other wines I can commend on the list include:

  • 2014 Grand Fief de Retail Muscadet Sevre et Maine Sur Lie  (£5.99) with its apple and pear backbone.
  • 2014 Fiefs des Comelias Reuilly Cuvee Prestige (£8.99) – a vibrant and creamy tangerine based Loire sauvignon.
  • 2014 Les Petits Vallons Crozes- Hermitage (£8.99) – a gentle, cherry based Northern Rhone red with mild tannin.
  • 2014 Serabel Cotes du Rhone Villages Chusclan (£5.99) – a soft, balanced blackberry charged red from the Southern Rhone.
  • 2014 Domaine de l’Estagnol Minervois (£6.99) – a Languedoc red with mellow, plum flavours supported by vanilla and chocolate.
  • Henri Delattre Brut Champagne (£5.99 for a half bottle) – great value champagne with fresh apple and sherbet lemon flavours.

But to reward the adventurous.

Finally, two other wines that faint hearts will consider off the wall but I would urge anyone made of sterner stuff to check them out:

  • 2014 Le Cellier Savoyard Apremont (£6.49 and from Savoie): Soft apple substance with a peach undercurrent.
  • 2013 Clervigny Arbois Reserve (£8.99 and from Jura): Rounded ripe orchard fruit flavours with a minty acidic edge.



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  1. I hope they have a good range in stock and that you have a chance to give that Savoie a try. Let us know how you get on. Its Majestic’s turn on Saturday – tune in for a brilliant £6 South West France white

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