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Beware these Top Tip prices end soon.

Today’s post points you towards white wine many think rivals Marlborough crispness and a red from an area known for the intensity of its reds.

As regular subscribers to this website know, the usual Top Tip format is to feature wines from different retailers in each post.

That encourages folk to discover the new wines and approaches that different retailers prioritise – and satisfies those who value variety.

It also increases the chances of seeing a wine from your own normal grocery provider.   

I accept though that most people do not have the time to dot between different retailers.

More usually, shoppers buy wine in the store where they buy their weekly groceries.

So, for a change, these Top Tip selections both come from the same supplier.

And, if you are a regular Asda shopper, today is your lucky day.

You will need to hurry though.

These prices only last until Wednesday.

Once again, pictures and hyperlinks are included where possible to make it easier to track down the wine in question.

Starting in Europe with a white  

2021 Extra Special Cȏtes de Gascogne (£5.50 – instead of £6.50 until 10 May – at Asda and 11.5% abv):

The star continues to rise for South West France with some contending that their white wines (like this one) possibly rival NZ Marlborough for vibrancy and crispness.

So, why not try this example and make that judgement for yourselves.

Grassy and medium bodied, its foundation is assertive green apple, grapefruit and white peach flavours.

Those characteristics are partnered by zippy lemon acidity and an impressively bright freshness.

Next to a new world red

2020 Extra Special Carmenere (£6.50 – instead of £7.25 until 10 May – at Asda and 14%):

Climate and geology come together nicely for wine production in Chile’s Colchagua Valley.

One result is what many believe to be that country’s most intense and succulent manifestations of the carmenere grape.  

Dark with an attractive mineral twist, this particular example delivers damson, cherry and crunchy green pepper flavours.

Its secondary components include suggestions of cedar, chocolate, oregano and baking spice – all supported by good acidity and a modest degree of tannin.

Note that the image provide here is of a previous vintage.

Join me again on Thursday when we take a comprehensive look at white wines that work especially well with fish dishes – but taste pretty good on their own too!

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2 Responses

  1. Morning Brian. I think we both find Asda’s Extra Special range a bit hit-and-miss at times but this Cotes de Gascogne is very good for the money and the Camenere gives us a less-than-usual, single varietal grape to get our teeth into. Again on their rollback offering a good purchase. I’d be interested too in your take on the Asda ES SA Pinotage as well. I’m not usually a fan of this variety but trying it out recently I thought it more than passable and like the Carmenere it does deliver for not a lot of money! Best as ever.

  2. The pinotage is at a good price and seems a reasonable example of a variety that does not always win friends but does not quite match the Barossa Shiraz which, admittedly, is a couple of pounds dearer.

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