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Another New Promotion from Lidl

The new two month cycle for Lidl promotions is upon us already and offers almost 40 wines from £4.50 upwards. Here are my top six in terms of balancing quality and price along with top buys from Waitrose and Aldi.

Lidl’s latest promotion begins this mornings and I have selected the following half dozen wines that seem to me to strike exactly the right balance between value and quality.

Incidentally, a new Lidl promotion often means that a few of their outlets will be offering survivors from the last one at discounted prices; perhaps your local store is one of them.

As usual, click on the image for a bigger picture to help track down  the bottle in question.

 Bordeaux does sauvignon too!

lidl-bordeaux-sauvignon-blanc-wine1-jan-28In our rush to Marlborough and the Loire, we often overlook the excellent results (and good value) Bordeaux can offer with sauvignon blanc – sometimes as a blend with Semillon and sometimes (as here) on its own.

Enjoy then the smooth and leafy 2015 La Boucaude Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc (£5.99 and 12.5% abv) with its fresh, grassy opening and the nicely integrated lemon and lime acidity that supports it.

Another neglected aspect of France

lidl-pfaffenheim-riesling-pinot-gris-white-best-buy-jan-29Given its position by the Rhine, Alsace’s wines are often confused with German versions; big mistake – the region’s producers make bone dry, distinctive wine in a style that is uniquely theirs.

Try, for instance, the blend of two of their best grapes in 2015 Pfaffenenheim Pinot Gris Riesling (£7.99 and 13%) which skilfully combines firm lime edged acidity with appealing rounded, textured apple components.

Meanwhile further south

lidl-merlot-pays-docSticking with France but changing to red wines, we move to that powerhouse of great value everyday wines – Languedoc – but catch up with a variety that has only been a serious option there for a mere 50 years.

While 2014 Merlot Pays d’Oc Val de Salis (£5.79 and 13.5%) is much lighter bodied (and lower in tannin) than most wines thereabouts, it still comes through with very pleasant cherry and plum fruit supported by distinctly nutty undertones.

But over the Border

lidl-pagos-del-rey-reserva-riojaRioja and tempranillo, however, are anything but recent amigos and the guys at Pagos del Rey are especially adroit at getting the best from the region’s flagship grape variety.


2012 Pagos del Rey Rioja Reserva (£6.99 and 13.5%) has bold – but medium bodied – cherry fruit and softer tannin than many reservas yet still offers minty, plum touches to add complexity to that cherry based spine.

Staying in Spain but getting sweet.

lidl-carpe-diem-vino-dulce-malaga-naturalAndalucia usually makes us think of sherry but the area around Malaga is stepping up its game with table wines and is also producing increasingly impressive versions of its more traditional sweeter wines.

For example, 2015 Carpe Diem Dulce Natural Malaga (£5.99 for 50cl bottles and 15%) has a nicely balanced fusion of apple freshness with more predictable flavours of oranges and honey that lead into marmalade centred depth.

Finally to sweetness of a different kind

lidl-feature-pictureWith Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you may want a rosé champagne for the sweet one in your life – but be unromantic enough to want to control the cash too!


Opt then for the delightful floral, strawberry fruit of Henri Delattre Rosé Champagne  (£14.99 and 12%) which also has deceptive depth plus an edge of gentle sweetness but counterbalances it all with lively acidity too.

 Best of the Rest

Another impressive Spanish red

waitrose-heredad-del-rey-monastrell-wine2-jan-28Talking about Spanish wines regions – as today’s main feature does – not too many people have heard of Yecla, north of Alicante, but winemakers there use its very favourable terroir to create good reds from the powerful monastrell (aka mourvedre) grape.


Certainly 2014 Heredad del Rey Monastrell  Syrah Seleccion Reservada (£5.99 – instead of £7.99 from yesterday until 21 February – at Waitrose and 13.5%) blends that variety with shiraz to create full bodied wine that has only gentle tannin but does deliver fresh damson and cherry fruit with hints of fennel and nutmeg.

Back to France for a white

aldi-exquisite-collection-touraine-sauvignon-wine3-feb-4While the eastern end of the Loire around Sancerre and Pouilly remains “Sauvignon Central” certainly at top price levels, great ordinary versions can be unearthed further along the river’s meandering route to the sea.

One such example is the textured 2015 Exquisite Touraine Sauvignon Blanc (£5.49 at Aldi and 12.5%) with vibrant green apple fruit and a combination of sherbet, lime and lemon to provide the necessary acidic freshness.



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4 Responses

  1. Hi Brian
    Like the sound of the Pinot Gris Riesling blend and the White Bordeaux. A sweet wine for £5.99 sounds like great value as well
    On a trip to Calais France last weekend I bought (amongst others) a Queyret – Pouillac Bordeaux (Suavignon & Semillon) in Lidl, thought it was very good for little money ( €3 ).

    I will also check out the Monastrell/Syrah from Waitrose, I do like Monastrell !


  2. Bordeaux does semillon sauvignon blending so well and I hope you enjoy that one from Calais. Will the pressure on the pound revive the Booze Cruises I wonder or do you lose the benefits of lower prices when exchanging your currency? My rudimentary grasp of economics can’t cope with that question.

  3. I suddenly realised where I acquired the particularly mendacious La Boucaude Sauvignon. It was Lidl! Your bottle was clearly hand picked for your tasting, I normally love Lidl wine but they can’t get it right 100% of the time.

  4. Hi Ian; thanks for sharing your experience with that sauvignon. As you suggest, there can be appreciable bottle variation and some can indeed be defective. What was the problem with the one you sampled?

    It is probably more important to shout about any that fail to tick boxes than those that do well so do, please, keep providing feed back on what you taste and I am grateful for your doing so this time even though the experience was unpleasant ……..Best ………. Brian

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