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A New 25% off Promotion Starts Today

All the usual gems today plus news of a new “25% off” promotion at Asda and a couple of Sunday Best selections to pick up when visiting their stores.

Once the “half price” wine promotions lost traction with the public, major retailers were seeking another wine related attraction to draw in customers.

Used at first by Sainsbury’s, “25% off multi-buy” promotions have slowly filled that gap.

Many (possibly most) of the big players now use them for limited periods sometimes in conjunction with existing offers (Sainsbury’s), sometimes not (Waitrose) and sometimes somewhere between the two (“on selected items”).

Their advantage for consumers is that they allow canny shoppers to schedule their purchasing to optimise what they get for their money.

A disadvantage, though, is that muti-buys deals are illegal in some parts of the UK.

Either way, however, a new “25% off promotion” does start in Asda this morning and runs through to 29 August.

And, to align it with Day 1 of that promotion, this post was delayed for 24 hours from its usual Thursday spot, but remember the different arrangements that apply in Scotland and Wales.

But where next for promotions initiatives?

Well, all year Tesco have been restricting their wine offers to Clubcard holders which is undoubtedly being watched closely, so perhaps promotions linked to loyalty cards could be extended to other retailers.

Meanwhile, enjoy the usual melange of special occasion wines, Friday treats and news of promotions that, together, populate the second MidWeek Wines web post of the week.

To help identify the wines featured with greater precision, hyperlinks and pictures have again been used.

Friday Night Treat

“Field blends” are a clever name for an arrangement that seems to go way back in winemaking history – especially in Portugal and Spain.

In the days before wine production became a precise science, when a vine died it was often replaced with whatever was handy – regardless of variety.

Consequently, over time, some vineyards became a patchwork of grapes with genuine uncertainty over exactly what wine will be produced in any one year.

Varieties that excelled last year may not ripen at all this year, and vice versa.

So, there is often an almost romantic feel about what will emerge from the yield in one of these vineyards.

However, the 2020 vintage of La Mancha’s Campo Bonito Blanco (£9.99 at Virgin Wines) is a great illustration of a successful field blend.

After an aromatic opening with growing intensity, it delivers soft apple, orange and white plum flavours along with sherbet acidity and a background sweetness within a slightly peachy texture.

Sunday Best

If you are looking for an upgrade from gentle and pleasant, medium bodied, raspberry based “entry point” malbec, then read on.

This comes from a very dry part of Argentina’s Mendoza region and neatly illustrates how a group of vines struggling with poor soil condition can often result in especially intense fruit.

Dark in colour and dense, 2019 Malbado Malbec (£12 – instead of £14 at Asda and 14.5%) has a centrepiece of rich loganberry, cherry and plum fruit coupled with a softness that is surprising in such powerful wine.

That foundation is supplemented by traces of thyme, sage and liquorice with chocolate elements to add a sense of richness.

Sunday Best Bonus while in Asda

Instead of a Star Buy from promotions, I decided to offer a Sunday best bonus today.

First, though, a bit of background.

Despite being from different grape varieties, there are flavour similarities (cherry and herbs in particular) between Barolo and Brunello di Montalcino.

Indeed, many lovers of Italian red wines will argue vociferously about which of these iconic wines is the better.

However, to give a sense of what Brunello is about, a lower-level appellation (Rosso di Montalcino) was created involving much shorter maturation periods and a lighter style, but still made exclusively from sangiovese.

2018 Extra Special Rosso Di Montalcino (currently £14 – instead of £17 – at Asda and 14%) is one of those “junior” versions and certainly displays those dried herbs and cherry elements.

In addition, though, it exhibits clove aromas, firm tannin, smooth raspberry and plum stone flavours integrated into a savoury finish that embodies smoky and nutty influences.

Here, then, is a good opportunity to judge whether this style is for you.

However, I am not sure whether these wines are within the “25% off” deals, so do check before committing yourself.


Ongoing Ones

Still a bit of distance to run on the Waitrose and Sainsbury’s promotions, I featured last week as these do not end until 30 August, so drop back there for more details.

New Ones

The Co-op promotion that started this week includes £2 off Co-op Les Pionniers Rosé Champagne and £3 off Taylor’s Select Reserve Port as well as reductions on no fewer than three Riojas.

These deals remain live until 6 September but remember that not everything is available in every Co-op branch, but the store finder on their website may help locate a particular bottle.

Meanwhile, over at Tesco the latest promotion ends a day earlier (on 5 September) and includes reductions on five Trivento wines (£4 off the Golden Reserve Malbec and £2 off the others) with a red and white from the Yalumba Y Series coming down to £7.

I do not yet have full details of the new promotions in Morrisons.

Call in again on Monday when I reveal my latest Top Tips on “Under £8” offerings that give drinkers of ordinary wine exceptional value for money.

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6 Responses

  1. Unfortunately Asda’s webmaster doesn’t seem to be as aware of the shop’s marketing schedule as you are. Their website advertised the 25% off 6 bottles of wine as beginning on the traditional Thursday, i.e. yesterday, which led to certain nincompoops (me!) trying to beat the rush and driving to the local store to stock up on our staple wines only to find I wasted precious fuel for no reason. I will wait until I see the dates on Mid Week Wines rather than trusting the store’s website in future.

  2. Fair point John, when both you and I know that subscribers to these web posts are all “extra-ordinary” in their own ways – not least in the judgement they exhibit in signing up! The word “ordinary” of course refers to the wine not the drinkers and I have amended the “Monday Trailer” accordingly. Actually it is quite difficult to find a word that accurately reflects people like us who enjoy or glass of wine, are not nerdy about it and apply (through choice or necessity) a modest budget to doing so. Happy to receive suggestions.

  3. Gratifying, Jill, to know that I got it right and the retailer didn’t. Can’t promise it will always be that way round – in fact I know it will not! Let’s hope the whole thing actually does start today. There are some good value options in the Asda range, so feel free to drop me a “Talent Scout” email about ones that stand out for you among your “staple wines”. I am always keen to hear about them.

  4. Hi Brian. Yes, like your correspondent Jill Campbell I too have fallen-foul of Asda ”promotions” in the past not being entirely what we see online as opposed to what is on the shelf at a different price, in my case. Nevertheless this retailer has some wine items I want and I will do a certain amount of stocking-up when the 25% deal is on. Though Lidl don’t have a lot in the way of across-the-board discounting I was shopping yesterday at one of four stores I use and they had a Wine Tour Riesling from back in March/April down from £7.99 to £5.99. It scored a decent 89 points in the brochure when I checked back. (owning up to nerdiness because I do hang on to copies!!) . Imagine my delight to spot on the bill I’d only been charged £3.99 a bottle!! so I went back in and bought some more. You have to!!! I know others in different parts of the country never see any bin-end discounting at Lidl, but I’m still drinking a big haul of Bastide Miraflors from the March ’21 Wine Tour that was 89 points and £8.99 down to £3.99. Very decent quality for not a lot of money …

    1. Yes I have noticed before that £3.99 seems to be the sweet spot for Lidl “remainder lines” so good to see you taking advantage of it. As you say, though, availablity varies significantly between stores and between parts of the country.

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