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A European wine tour of new arrivals

With traditional Chianti, rose influence Pinot noir and Portugal's take on Albariño, there is something for most tastes in these new arrivals at a wine retailer with 200+ UK stores and a free delivery service for six or more bottles.

A new Majestic promotion is under way with a range of new wines – and price reductions on many more. Here are five at different price points that I think you will enjoy and, now that Majestic’s minimum purchase rules have been relaxed, this is a good time to try them.

Since the prices quoted are promotional ones, they will not remain valid for ever but these wines should still be drinking well for at least three months yet.

PG with apple and lemon acidity

Majestic Pasqua Pinot Grigio Wine2 May 21All too often we hear about (and encounter) acidity deprived Italian pinot grigio but, with the right location and winemaker, that need not be the case.

Certainly the delicate green apple and lemon acidity in 2015 Pasqua Pinot Grigio delle Venezie (£5.99 and 12% abv – pictured above) is clear enough and sits agreeably beside the more predictable light, perfumed honeysuckle and ripe melon components and hints of peach.

Rhone whites give you something extra

Côtes Du Rhône Blanc
Côtes Du Rhône Blanc

Step up a price point or so though, and you can see why I get so enthusiastic about the versatility and distinctiveness of Rhone whites.


With its textured orange fruit and mineral edge 2015 Pierre Henri Morel Côtes Du Rhône Blanc Laudun (£8.99 and 14% abv) convincingly makes the case, even before you experience its lime and grapefruit acidity and hints of chocolate and ginger.

Things can be different across the border.

Morgadia de Torre Alvarinho

Lovers of Albariño from Rias Baixas will be surprised by the extra dimension the same grape seems to acquire just on the Portuguese side of the border – in Vinho Verde.


Enjoy then the balanced pink grapefruit acidity and savoury twist to 2015 Morgadia da Torre Alvarinho Vinho Verde (£9.99 and 12.5% abv) with its soft, ripe, aromatic yet crisp pear and nectarine fruit.

Value goes north as you go south

Rully en Rosey Rouge
Rully en Rosey Rouge

To secure better value you sometimes have to move away from Burgundy’s epicentre, as illustrated by this example from Rully in the more southerly Cote Chalonnaise – well known for its impressive white wines but, here, producing a tasty red.

Light, rose-centred and fresh 2014 Rully en Rosey Rouge Chanzy (£13.49 and 13% abv) may have less intensity than classic red burgundy but compensates well with bold acidity, long raspberry and red currant fruit, touches of clove and cinnamon but only limited tannin.

Defining the traditional

Definition Chianti
Definition Chianti

Obviously Majestic’s “definition” range aims to reflect the typical style of a region – so eyebrows may be raised by this Chianti.

“Modern” Chianti tends to have more oak, greater intensity, denser fruit and often chewier tannins than are on display in this much more traditional example.

That said, there is much to relish in the relatively light raspberry and cranberry fruit of 2013 Definition Chianti Classico ( £9.99 and 13.5% abv) with its cedar, tomato, all-spice and herbal backdrop, controlled tannic twist and acidity to match.




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2 Responses

  1. Hi Brian
    These sound good, especially the Vinho Verde (enjoying more and more Portuguese wines since the ‘Wines of Portugal tasting’)
    I’m going to a Majestic Summer tasting event next Thursday 19th, hopefully might be able to sample some of them, I will let you know what I find.

  2. Yes It will be good to hear your thoughts – there are usually cracking wines on display ……….. Brian

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