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A brand new Lidl promotion

There is always a touch of excitement about a new Lidl promotion and, for the first time, this one puts a focus on Spain and Portugal. I have taken a slightly broader brush, however, to bring you wines that range from well made, tasty whites at under a fiver to an impressive claret from a very good vintage

Although the new Lidl promotion that launches this morning has a strong Iberian focus overall, I have also featured parts of the collection from elsewhere in Europe – to provide something for a wide range of tastes.

Here are what I consider the promotion’s highlights, but remember that these wines are time limited promotions and many sell out quickly.

Click on any of the bottles shown for an enlarged image to help you pinpoint the wine in a crowded display.

Port country changes tack

Lidl Azinhaga d'Ouro DouroWhiteWhile we still – understandably – think first of port when talk turns to the Douro Valley, the region’s table wines are growing in volume and complexity; most are red but a few inexpensive whites like this have also emerged.

There is attractive, mellow, apple and pear fruit in 2014 Douro Branco Azinhaga d’Ouro (£4.99 and 12.5% abv) which is nicely complemented by spiciness and ripe, white peach touches that add an edge of sweetness.

What South West France does brilliantly

Lidl Comte Tolosan (IGP) 2014Heading back east for a minute, modern winemaking also allows South West France (and, in particular, the massive Comte Tolosan area) to create tasty, fresh and wallet-friendly whites – often using purely local grape varieties.

Like that Douro white, rounded apple elements also form part of 2014 Comte Tolosan (£4.99 and 11.5%) but here they emerge more as soft, cooked apple influences – supported by savoury spices and slightly firmer acidity.

And, for me, the star white

Lidl Albarino SENTIDINO Wine3 Aug 6More factually (but less poetically) the rain in Spain falls mainly on …… Galicia (the area between Portugal and the northern coast); one beneficial result, however, is the very different grape varieties grown there and the way one of them – albarino – excels with the local seafood.

Orchard fruits also form the backbone of 2015 Sentidino Albarino (£5.99 and 12.5%) but, as well, there are neat tropical fruit components, livelier acidity and greater all round complexity.

Cross Border wine styles

Lidl Ribera del Duero 2015Portugal’s Douro river, mentioned earlier, crosses the border into Spain, changes its name slightly, and provides the terrain that produces what many in the country consider to be better red wine than Rioja.

I was particularly impressed by the boldness of the red cherry and blackcurrant fruit in 2015 Ribera del Duero El Arte de Vivir Tempranillo (£5.99 and 13.5%) and its integration with the wine’s textured cinnamon background and balanced acidity – yet never compromising its overall softness.

A gentler face of Rhone

Lidl Rhone Villages Seguret 2014One of the eighteen communes allowed to add its name to the “Cotes du Rhone Villages” designation, Seguret tends to produce less powerful wine than some of its neighbours but the value and quality can – as here – be hugely impressive.

Bright and quite lightly textured, 2014 Cotes du Rhone Villages Seguret Les Terrasses des Dentelles  (£6.49 and 13.5%) provides bright cherry, vanilla and spice flavours with a canny balance struck  between its acidity and the gentle tannins it contains.

A clever winemaking technique

Lidl Valpolicella Ripasso Classico Superiore 2012The local ripasso technique “repasses” basic valpolicella over the grape skins and other debris left from Amarone production to create a style somewhere between the two – but at a keen price.

2012 Valpolicella Ripasso Classico Superiore (£7.99 and 13.5%) gives a good illustration of the depth this process brings and sets it in the context of the wine’s mellow, minty, cherry and elderberry fruit and freshness – but only limited tannin.

Finishing with traditional claret

Lidl CHATEAU HAUT MONTIL Saint-Émilion Grand Cru 2012Being on the “right bank”, the clay based vineyards around St Emilion are prime merlot country and the 80%+ contribution of that gentler and slightly less aristocratic variety here leaves very clear fingerprints.

True to form, 2012 Chateau Haut Montil Saint Emilion Grand Cru (£12.99 and 13%) provides soft plum and lively black cherry fruit but combines it well with touches of nutmeg, earthy, graphite depth and, by Bordeaux standards, softer tannin.



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6 Responses

  1. Hi…first timer here….regular shopper for wine at Lidl tho’ at present I have ‘a thing’ going on with them about their poor quality on-line website that gives no prices for the advertised wine….nor spirits nor beers too!

    Would have been interested in anything you had to offer about this Carles, Priorat Crianza 2012 in-store this morning. They have it flagged-up as a 91 pointer/outstanding but interestingly are saying it’s more for laying down. At £5.79 it’s a great price and there’s a lot of fun to be had in keeping a few bottles and checking occasionally to look for improvement.

  2. Hi Eddie and thank you so much for getting in touch. I will pass on your comments about the online service to the guys at Lidl.
    As for the Priorat, I thought the 2010 was brilliant but found the fruit in the 2012 a little duller. Nevertheless, it has good cherry and raspberry flavours and suprisingly nippy acidity so is still pretty good for its price. Try one bottle before buying more, I suggest, but this is promotional stock (from last time) so will not be there for ever. …. Best ……… Brian

  3. Hi Brian,
    Good selection again, not tried many of these as my not so local Lidl is about 10 miles away. Like Eddie (member of our wine group ‘Cuvée Reserve’) I am interested in the Priorat also the other Spanish and Portuguese offerings, will try to get to the store soon.

  4. Hi again….
    Well the prices have now gone up on the on-line website so all my pestering worked…or not…maybe they would have done that anyway. Can’t for the life of me understand how a serious operator would advertise products but not price them!
    However, when I went to purchase yesterday morning my usual outlet had nothing to offer…..said they had never arrived…..either that or too disorganised instore to have them in the racks.
    Bought up the last of the previous promotion….2 bottles of the Priorat that is in fact 2011. Fathom that out. And also the Alto Adige Gruner Veltliner that is rather decent stuff. I see they have another G-V now. I went to another branch and bought a selection of the new offerings including the Tuscan red from down Grosetto way, south of my usual stamping ground around Bolgheri. Great wines at very good prices but I wish they would get their house in order re that website complaint and not having advertised stock available

    1. Hi Eddie ………. I rather liked the soft plum fruit and mineral edge in that Italian red but, all-in-all, would just place the Ripasso ahead of it – even at £1 dearer……… Brian

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