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6 Top Bargains in Supermarket Promotions

Last chance coming up for at least four current supermarket promotions, so start writing that shopping list now.

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Regardless of the price point, value for money seems to the No.1 objective for most of you – especially those forced to stretch limited budgets.

Usually, however, folks biggest barrier to wine value is the vast and confusing maze of available bottles.

Having tasted literally thousands of wines, I can help you there – by providing a clear path to wines that do punch above their price points.

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Latest Promotions


The current promotion is now well under way and will not expire until 23 May. As is now normal for the retailer, the price reductions are only available to Clubcard holders. My star recommendation is the delightfully fresh, ginger and apricot influenced Yalumba Y Series Viognier (down from £8.50 to £7.50).

See the Talent Scout Update below however.


Since the Sainsbury’s promotion ends on 17 May, this weekend’s weekly shop could be the last chance to get the reduced price on the herbal and textured blend of sauvignon and colombard provided by my recommended Plaimont Cȏtes de Gascogne (£6 as against a list price of £8).


Also just one more week to go on Asda’s substantial set of multi-buy offers and price reductions (from Fever Tree Tonic to Budweiser lager and Bombay Sapphire gin) and here is a link to see further details.  Among the wines, I would recommend, try the soft, perfumed gooseberry and mango components of Yealands Sauvignon Blanc (reduced from £9 to £7.50).


Roughly half time in the Morrisons promotion that runs until 24 May and one of my firm favourites remains the medium bodied, cherry and rose centred  The Best Toscana which drops in price from £10 to £8.


Another set of deals finishing next week is the customarily extensive promotion at Waitrose (and this link will show you its content). The smart buy in this promotion is the “ideal for summer” aromatic, strawberry centred rosé fizz of  Bird in Hand Sparkling (now £11.99 instead of £15.99).


The final member of the “Last Chance Saloon” group of promotions with less than a week to run is this one at most (but not all) Co-op stores and, for my top recommendation there, it is hard to better the complex, smoky cherry flavours of   Muriel Tempranillo Rioja – which is reduced from £8.50 to £6.50.

Talent Scout Update

In case you missed it in last week’s comments section, MidWeeker Fred responded to my Talent Scout request with this report:

“A wine that ticks my box and is on offer at Tesco (for Clubcard members only) down from £9 to £7 is Montes Reserva Chardonnay 2020.

This is a delightful Chilean chardonnay which is fruit driven with the perfect balance of acidity (at least for me!)  It should go down well with lovers of this grape.”

[Montes is a respected producer and recent chardonnay vintages in Chile have been good, so Fred seems right on the money here but do give the wine a try – and report back on what you find …. Brian]


Apparently, Hotmail is somewhat trigger happy when deciding what constitutes Spam, and MidWeeker Matt tells me he has had to mark me as a “Safe Sender” to avoid my emails going into Trash

If you are a Hotmail user and a subscriber, some action like that might be a good idea – don’t want folk missing out on the glad wine tidings discussed here every few days.

So what’s next? Well, Monday sees my current Top Tips for wines at especially modest prices while Thursday brings you another round-up of High Street promotions.

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4 Responses

  1. Hi Brian. I suppose Aldi doesn’t get a mention amongst this lot normally because it doesn’t discount the same way as these retailers do. But there were some small reductions on certain lines in Aldi when I was in the other day … just pennies more than £pounds off normally, except there was a metal tray display containing what I presume to be end-of-lines including the Fletchers LBV Port that was down from £8.99 to £7.99 so I took a bottle of that.

    I had spotted a Chilean Cabernet at £4.49. At that money I thought to have a bottle. https://groceries.aldi.co.uk/en-GB/p-estevez-valle-central-cabernet-sauvignon-2020-75cl/4088600446271

    But then I spotted another one that I thought looked the same. No! It was a Cabernet but this time a Reserva at £4.99 from their specially selected rage.


    Given that decent single grape Cabernet at a good price seems to be harder to find I can report that both these wines are very enjoyable. The Reserva naturally has more body and a little more character about it, but the cheaper one, yes only slightly lighter in character, and at only £4.49, it makes for a very good mid-week house red. Well either of them do at under £5.

    Just to say following my last personal email to you discussing the matter, it is clear to me now that there are two very different Aldi websites for wine depending how we access their site. These two links above are for the usual in-store range. The other site features wine available online, for delivery, as per for instance this Criolla Tannat that I did buy it at my local store last year but is no longer available there as are many other bottles I’ve previously had when shopping. I have found this situation with Aldi both anomalous and confusing!! Cheers now …

  2. Thanks Eddie ….. What’s on offer in both premium discounters is always of interest to subscribers so that summary is very welcome. Not all stores will have them though. Thanks too for unpicking the Aldi website mystery, I was still trying to unravel it all.

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