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25% off Tesco wines but only until 3 April

An Easter wine bonanza starts in Tesco this morning. To find out whether – and how – you qualify for Rioja Reserva at £4.13 and New Zealand pinot at £5.25, click on the “Read More” or "Continue Reading" buttons.

Hard on the heels of similar substantial discounts from M&S and Sainsbury’s, comes the Tesco Spring Drinks Festival.

Under its terms, Tesco will reduce prices by 25% in those parts of the UK where multi-buy promotions are legal, when you buy six or more bottles in store – mixed or otherwise. The deal starts today and lasts until 3 April.

Since it also applies to wines already on offer, that is where I have concentrated my attention this time – although the main promotion actually runs on until 12 April.

So, to sum up – I hope – the highest figure shown below is the wine’s list price, the lowest one kicks in if you qualify for the multi-buy discount while the middle price applies if you do not – or missed it.

As usual, click on any image shown for an enlarged picture that will help you locate the wine on crowded supermarket shelves.

Mellow sauvignon but with grassy acidity

Boschendal Sauvignon
Boschendal Sauvignon

Even relatively small changes in latitude can change the acidity levels (and, hence, zingyness) of sauvignon blanc but this Stellenbosch version has all the freshness of versions from more southerly parts of South Africa.

Enjoy then the firm prickle of lime centred acidity in 2015 Boschendal Sauvignon Blanc (£5.25 or £7 instead of £8.50 -13% abv) with its grassy tangerine flavours, concentrated ripe melon touches and perfumed tangerine backdrop.

Just look at the price on this Rioja Reserva

El Pinsapo Reserva
El Pinsapo Reserva

Moving to the reds, a double take is needed when you look at the best price available on this Reserva – which, remember, needs at least three years aging with at least one of them in oak.

Despite that maturation period, there is a dark colour and lively acidity to 2009 El Pinsapo Rioja Reserva (£4.13 or £5.50 instead of £6.50 – 13% abv) with its cinnamon and black cherry flavours; but do give it an hour or so to open up after you have drawn the cork.

Wow! Kiwi pinot noir for just over a fiver

Brancott Pinot Noir
Brancott Pinot Noir

Take a step up the price ladder – but only a small one under the multi-buy offer – to a New Zealand pinot noir from Marlborough where both the fruit analogues and texture seem to be lighter than in Central Otago.

See what I mean with the floral yet smoky 2014 Brancott Estate Pinot Noir (£5.25 or £7 instead of £9 – 13.5% abv) and the raspberry acidity that embellishes its earthy beetroot flavours and the limited tannin, chocolate and clove touches that also join the party.

And a fizz joins in too

Lanson Black Label
Lanson Black Label

If you like your champagne to lean more towards biscuit and yeast influences than citrus acidity this may be the option for you – especially at a price that rivals supermarket own label versions.

If the bubbles fade surprisingly quickly in the glass with Lanson Black Label Champagne (£16.50 or £22 instead of £30 – 12.5% abv) they live long on the palate and help intensify the gentle pithy lemon hints that lead nicely into the principal almond, vanilla and biscotti flavours.


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  1. Hi Brian, Just been to Tesco on your prompt & picked up Saint Joseph 2011 in 6 deal for £5.25 each. 90 pts on winegang!

  2. Wow! That really is cracking value and a particularly good example of what the Northern Rhone does well ………. Enjoy it ….. Brian

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