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2 Great Value Options: A Light, Bright White and Ready-to-Enjoy Red.

Two French wines today. They are from regions not too far apart – but both represent terrific value for money.

France gives us both Top Tips wines today.

One of them provides the style of Bordeaux reds I promised you last week.

It is a ready to drink option that is much more fruit based than many of the region’s red wines.

Keeping it company is a light, bright, tropical fruit influenced white that underlines how good even the uncomplicated local wines of Southwest France can be.

I hope you get a chance to try them both especially as one currently has a 25+% discount.

Adopting my traditional format, images and, where possible, hyperlinks accompany the assessments of the wines.

First the white – from a region often featured here.

2022 Maison du Vin Cȏtes du Gascogne (£7.00 at the Co-op and 11.5% abv):

Southwest France triumphs again with this gentle white, based on the often underestimated colombard grape.

I sense, however, that it is helped by a dash of sauvignon – and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Perfumed and bright, it has a light bodied, flavour-based cornerstone that combines melon and crunchy apple elements.

That foundation is supported by zesty citrus acidity and subtle suggestions of both orange and peach.

Secondly that long promised claret.

2019 Chateau Margerots Bordeaux Superieur (£7.49 – instead of £10.49 until 29 August – at Waitrose and 13.5%):  

As I suggested last week, Bordeaux’s climate, geology and winemaking traditions help it create brilliantly complex and age-worthy red wines.

Sadly, though, many are released well before they fully mature but here is one that is ready now and currently at a great price. 

Approachable with a strong fruit emphasis, it is a merlot led choice that is brim-full of bramble and blaeberry flavours.

Additional support comes from touches of liquorice, cedar and other oak influences – all embellished by relatively soft tannin.

News from Eddie the Eagle Eyed.

“As we approach the August bank holiday the advantageous deals are coming from the main high street retailers.

Starting Tuesday 22nd and running until the 28th Asda offer customers a 25% off, when we buy-6 of anything over £4.99.

Asda already has some discounted bottles on the shelf so here is a chance for a double-dip and some terrific value, none more-so than one of Brian’s recommendations here a few weeks ago.

No prizes for guessing that the Espartero Joven Rioja will also feature large in my selection too … at £4.12 a bottle!! The wine is very decent but the value exceptional. https://groceries.asda.com/product/rioja/espartero-rioja/1000275053712

But a recent try-out of their Torre de Lapela, a predominantly Alvarinho, Vinho Verde that can also be had for £4.12 will also feature in an order I’ll be getting.


Evocative of relaxing Algarve days it’s not a lot of money for an easy going, spritzy, lightly citrusy white and a lunchtime glass in the garden with some sardines straight from the grill.

Super value along with that Joven!!

I also like the look of this Paul Mas Syrah usually £8 … down to £7 … therefore an excellent value £5.25.


A reminder that Morrisons too have a deal running that includes their ” The Best” range at 25% off when we buy-3, plus many more discounted shelf prices.

We await the rest of the bigger retailers likely making their offers very soon.

And Late News from Sainsbury’s [Editor].

Sainsbury’s also have an upcoming multi-buy promotion but they have asked me to point out these T&C’s.  

“This deal runs from the 23rd of August – 27th of August and is already available online for those booking delivery slots between these times.

It excludes bottles under £6 in England or £7 in Wales (where minimum unit pricing applies).

It also excludes Centrals, Locals and Scotland as well as bottles of 200ml and under, all Sainsbury’s House wines, all fortified wine, boxed wine and gift sets.

Max 36 bottles but is subject to availability and applies to selected stores only.

The offer is available on online for orders delivered or collected from 23rd August 2023 until and including 27th August 2023 but online delivery charges apply.

The licensing laws only permit the sale of alcohol for certain permitted hours so check in store for details.

You may be asked to provide ID to prove you’re the required legal age to purchase an age-restricted product.

As always, though, please drink responsibly.”

The next post (on Thursday) takes a small step up to offer a treat to ease you into what is a Bank Holiday weekend in several parts of the UK.

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14 Responses

  1. The Waitrose Bordeaux looks like a bargain!
    Just to mention that in my local Coop store, I bought the Silene Chardonnay- which has had a favourable review on this site- for £8.35 down from £10.50.Also the very good Coop South African Cape Point 2022 blend of mainly Sauvignon Blanc and Semillion at £7.65 instead of £8.
    Oddly in two other nearby Coops these wines were still on the old prices!

  2. Morning Brian. I see why Sainsbury’s were asking to stress their details/conditions on the 25% deal now they have altered the minimum price to a £6 bottle, up from £5!! I’ll have to watch out for the other big 5 changing accordingly. But it still means there are some bottles coming in at £4.50.

    A choice for me at Sainsbury’s right now, from a higher shelf, would be the Primitivo Manduria that is isually £12.50 but down to £11. A further 25% off makes for a massive £4.25 reduction for a high tariff wine of depth, sweetness of fruit and full of character.

  3. I think it is the slightly curious Co-op structure that causes these inconsistencies between stores but good that you found a reduction on the Jean- Claude Mas chardonnay. Lovely wine

  4. Thanks for the tip Eddie and thanks, especially, for keeping on top of the small print on these offers – Eagle eyed indeed!

  5. A less generous, but always available, 5% off 6 at Waitrose reduces the Margerot to £7.12. “Every little bit helps ” – although that was a different supermarket.

  6. Hi Brian,
    Have you sampled the Tesco Grandeza Gran Tradicion?
    Ticked a few boxes for me ,when we can resurrect the BBQ.
    GV at £6 with clubcard IMHO

  7. Yes, storage permitting, multi-buy discounts are well worth seeking out once you have tried a wine and know that you like it.

  8. Not tried it yet myself but will do so since a recommendation from the pair of you is good enough for me.

  9. Hello Simon and welcome aboard in what I think is a first-time comment – always good to hear from MidWeekers. I have asked Tesco about a bottle of that wine and, of course, with their own “25% multi-buy” deal starting today it becomes an even more attractive option….. Thanks for suggesting it.

  10. The Asda deal seems to be only on wines under £5 but that includes with the discount. I was going to buy the vinho verde but it’s not in the deal which is a shame as I just got back from Portugal and was looking forward to picking up a couple of bottles. It also doesn’t include the joven rioja.

  11. Yes, there do seem to be variations in availability, and we will try to clarify this with Asda when the next of these promotions is introduced.

  12. Bagged six of Primitivo on double dip and would agree it’s very moorish. Thanks for the tip and saddened not to have got extra now.

    1. Another great tip from Eddie. I am glad you managed to get some – even if not as much as you would have liked!

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